At Smeg-Service, a key objective is to strive to deliver a better service to their customers. For this reason, they engaged Auditel to assist in reviewing not only their business overhead expenses, but also the actual products and services that they purchase. They wanted to know whether the products were really right for them, but more importantly right for their customers.

Auditel reviewed the courier and packaging expenditure within Smeg-Service, and subsequently identified opportunities for service and cost improvements.

In respect of couriers, Auditel provided Smeg-Service with a cost effective solution that was perfectly mapped to their carriage profile and would improve the customer experience. Going forward, their customers are now able to expect a delivery window of just one hour, confirmed via text or email from their new carrier. If the time is not suitable, then all the customer will have to do is simply text or email in reply resulting in a more convenient time being arranged. Smeg-Service commented that “This is a major step forward for us as a business as it means that our customers have a much smaller period in which they need to be available to receive delivery, reducing interruption to their day. With the ability to rearrange appointments quickly and directly, it places them more in control.”

In respect of environmental commitments, with the help of Auditel, Smeg-Service has managed to significantly reduce the amount of material used in the packaging of products in which the parts are dispatched. Importantly, the strength of these products has also been able to be improved, ensuring that each item arrives safe, sound, and within a one-hour window.

Smeg-Service has achieved these benefits in co-ordination with Auditel and now happily recommend their service to other businesses. “The Cost Management Consultants took the time to really assess the needs of our business, which is driven by an unmoving focus on improving the experience of our customers.” They went on to say that “We were adamant that service and quality are the key priority, and in achieving these improvements, we have also reduced our costs significantly.”

Smeg-Service were impressed with the outcome of the project stating that “the results should be testament to other organisations looking for a no-risk, professional and quick way to increase profitability. The process was swift, effective and most importantly didn’t take up our time. We provided the information and they turned it into profit efficiently.”