Auditel help The Serpentine Trust get on the road to carbon neutral

Since 2011, Auditel has been supporting The Serpentine Trust, a London arts institution with global reach committed to presenting interdisciplinary and collaborative programmes across art, architecture, design, ecology, live, learning and digital.

What began as a highly successful energy procurement project has evolved into a long-term, trusted partnership. Auditel consultant, John Merker, leverages his extensive knowledge and the experience of the Auditel network to aid the Trust in its ongoing sustainability mission.

“The relationship has expanded significantly from reviewing contracts and securing savings to a more holistic approach around how the gallery could reduce consumption,” said COO and CFO, Monica Varriale. “Ensuring strong governance and compliance with subcontractors and supporting with reporting to the Arts Council. John, on behalf of Auditel, is an invaluable resource and one which we know we can trust.”

Initially, The Serpentine Trust recognised a lack of internal experience and knowledge for strategic energy procurement. John took the organisation through Auditel’s robust procurement processes which ensured the right suppliers were in place. During his investigations, he identified incorrect energy billing from historical invoices and a rebate was secured.

With a focus on sustainability and, as an organisation which receives funding from the Art Council, the Trust is required to report its energy usage and consumption – a complex undertaking which it was struggling to fulfil. John introduced the executive team to a new reporting system which he subsequently implemented and continues to manage on the Trust’s behalf.

Keen to understand and evaluate its carbon footprint for utilities, the trust regularly requests John to convert energy consumption into carbon costs for quarterly reporting. This not only allows the organisation to self-regulate in its carbon neutral mission, but serves to identify issues, including billing and consumption anomalies, which can be quickly addressed.

“It’s not just savings or monitoring the supplier chain, it’s about supporting the organisation to be better overall,” said Monica. “Their approach breeds innovation and the fact that we’re able to brainstorm ideas and tap into a broader knowledge base is incredibly helpful. Internally we don’t have the time or the resource for much of this complex work and there is little value in us undertaking research without the wider context or expertise to implement and make recommendations. All of which Auditel provides.”

Additional reporting and advice is provided through personal meetings with senior management whilst ongoing procurement and supplier management, including invoice checking, ensures that contracted rates and service obligations are being met.