Our Clients: Sencio Community Leisure

Sencio Community Leisure

Sencio LogoBased in Sevenoaks, Sencio Community Leisure is a society under the Co-operative and Community Benefit and Societies Act 2014. It is a not-for-profit organisation and any surplus money is invested straight back into the improvement of their facilities for the benefit of the community they serve.

Sencio is controlled by the Society Board of 12 members which provides the strategic direction and management of the organisation and is drawn both from the local community as well as the wider community of the West Kent area and is dedicated to providing fun and inclusive sports facilities to the local communities.

Sencio Community Leisure Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Sencio Community Leisure

Auditel were recommended to Sencio by a former client and met their recently appointed CEO, Jane Parish, just after they had moved their HQ to one of their facilities (Sevenoaks Leisure Centre) rather than a separate building.

Time and expertise

Sencio are keen to provide value for money for their customers in a very competitive market. As Jane Parish explains, “We realised we did not have the expertise or time to sort out the best deal for us.”

Whilst they had already undertaken some property-related cost reduction they knew that they didn’t have the skills or time to conduct full cost management on their other overheads.

As a test of Auditel’s abilities, Sencio asked Auditel Consultant Mark Stevens to review their merchant card costs.

“Auditel are professional, thorough and very open, with an emphasis on working together.” – Jane Parish, CEO

Attention to details

Auditel are very good at looking further than the headline cost of a product or service, instead, digging deeper and analysing working practices and processes.

With Sencio’s merchant card costs they came back with almost immediate savings of 18%, but by introducing contactless debit/credit card payments, further savings per transaction were achieved and boosted the overall savings to 28% (£18,000) over 3 years.


Positive outcomes

Subsequent projects soon followed and, with Auditel Consultants Simon Gibson and Graeme Johnson on board, Mark was able to follow up the initial success with a string of positive outcomes.

The Auditel team delivered savings for Sencio of 46% (£28,000) on Janitorial Supplies, 6% (£19,000) on Catering and 15% (£6,000) on their water costs.

Much more than savings

Jane and her colleagues have been particularly pleased with Auditel’s attention to detail: “We’ve been impressed with Auditel’s knowledge and persistence in achieveing our sustained lower costs.

As an example she adds: “The Janitorial suppliers introduced by Auditel identified better ways of dosing chemicals, which reduced consumption as well as cost.”

ESOS and Energy Management

ESOS compliance has been a necessary, but potentially time-consuming, exercise that Sencio knew must be carried out as a matter of urgency as the deadline was looming. Auditel completed an ESOS study for them, an abridged version at low cost, which allowed Sencio to meet their regulatory requirements.

Jane says: “Auditel have completed a mandatory ESOS study and have recently taken over cost management of Sencio’s energy supplies, with savings expected of £105,000 (Gas) and £27000 (Electric) over the next three years.”

Sencio Community Leisure Download a PDF copy of the case study.