Auditel’s utilities expertise and professionalism win respect at the Commonwealth Club

Commonwealth Club Manager, Shaun Whitehouse, was first introduced to Auditel Consultants Ruth Dawe and Laurence Fitch by RCS Events Manager Chi Kavindele, who had been impressed by their professional approach at an initial meeting.

Shaun admits, “I have to confess I had my reservations to begin with. We are inundated with calls from companies with money saving offers. As a charity we are used to making every penny count and are confident in the efficiency of our in house purchasing. However, utilities is a complex area and beyond our capabilities, so I decided to give Auditel a chance.”

“At our first meeting, it soon became clear that they offered a highly professional service and were more than capable of handling our utilities costs.”

Shaun engaged Auditel to look at their gas, electricity and fixed communications costs. Auditel conducted in-depth analysis of each category and presented Shaun with a comprehensive audit report identifying savings opportunities. The Commonwealth Club agreed to proceed with all of their recommendations and instructed Auditel to commence implementation, thus ensuring savings could be secured promptly.

The first category to be implemented was gas as the Commonwealth Club was already tied into contracts. Auditel brought their knowledge and experience to negotiations with the current supplier resulting in savings of 42.3%.

Next, turning to electricity, Auditel were able to implement savings of 52.5% as a result of the in-depth analysis of consumption and profiling which, when tendering, ensured the most appropriate rates were offered by the major suppliers, many of whom provide Auditel-specific rates.

Then, drawing on their extensive experience of fixed line communications costs, Auditel were able to deliver impressive savings of 40% on line rental and over 54% on call traffic by analysing call profiles and matching them to bespoke packages.

Now that every aspect of the implementation is complete, Auditel continues to monitor each category closely: checking supplier invoices for accuracy, reviewing profile and consumption, and providing reports on and assistance with market and industry changes. Auditel’s wide ranging specialist expertise ensures that the Commonwealth Club is provided with best value at all times.

Shaun enthuses, “I have been really impressed with Auditel’s approach throughout this process. The changes have been seamless, I have been kept informed throughout, but my input has been minimal. They have exceeded my expectations, and more importantly, have made valuable savings for us, money which can now be redirected to our core charitable activities. I am delighted with the results.”