Rouse Partners feel the benefits of Auditel’s professional cost management services

When Neil Relph, Managing Partner at Rouse Partners, was introduced to Auditel, he felt initially that they might be competing for the same business. However, it soon became apparent that Auditel’s cost management services could add real value to Rouse Partners.

He says: “People buy from people. When I met Auditel Consultant Simon Eggleton I was impressed with his professionalism and the Auditel offering. It soon became obvious that working with them could be a win-win scenario.”

Staff members don’t have the time or tools to carry out any meaningful analysis of essential business costs, let alone follow through with benchmarking, negotiation and implementation.

Nevertheless, there was a feeling that better value could be obtained. So Simon was provided with the purchase ledger and an agreed list of areas to tackle.

Armed with Auditel’s advanced analytical tools, and applying Auditel’s proprietary holistic approach to cost management, he has achieved impressive savings in most areas.

Neil continues: “Auditel’s cost management is a fantastic service, system and process. Firms of our size don’t have time to sit down and study the small-print in suppliers contracts and tease out anomalies. It’s also much more cost effective to engage external experts like Auditel than to employ someone.”

The relationship continues to flourish and Neil, recognising the value of Auditel’s service sees the opportunity to add cost, purchase and supplier management to Rouse Partners portfolio, thus adding value to their existing client relationships and providing an added benefit to offer to prospective clients. He concludes: “I see huge potential for us both in Auditel’s service. Especially in the current economic climate.”