Auditel’s cost management services add up perfectly for Roffe Swayne

Auditel’s Gail Clark first approached Roffe Swayne with a proposal outlining the potential benefits of Auditel’s Partnership Programme.

Partner Jeremy Gardner recalls, “It wasn’t something we would normally have even looked at, but Gail’s presentation was very convincing and we decided to give it a try.”

Established in 1935, Roffe Swayne Chartered Accountants are based in Godalming, Surrey. Today, with over 70 staff they deliver technical and strategic advice to ambitious and entrepreneurial owner-managed businesses and private clients throughout Surrey, Hampshire and into London. They also provide a streamlined service to smaller businesses.

In a nutshell, the Auditel Partnership Programme provides an opportunity for accountancy firms to add a ready-made cost, purchase and supplier management service to their portfolio, thus adding value to their existing client relationships and an added benefit to offer prospective clients.

In order to make sure that they would feel confident offering the Auditel service to their clients, Roffe Swayne wanted to try out Auditel’s service on themselves first.

Jeremy explains, “If we were recommending a service to our clients, we wanted to be sure that the process worked as described and gave the results as promised. We needed to feel the quality of the service and be in a position to look clients in the eye and tell them we had been through the process ourselves.”

So Gail, with the help of Auditel colleague Denis Sprague, set about analysing Roffe Swayne’s utilities and waste disposal costs and swiftly proved that Auditel’s approach to cost, purchase and supplier management delivers not only cost savings beyond the buying power of most companies but also an in-depth understanding of the clients actual needs backed up by a detailed findings report, which in itself provides a wealth of useful management data.

Jeremy continues, “We had worked hard to keep our costs as low as possible, but with their buying power Auditel were able to unlock deals that were out of our reach.”

In the case of waste disposal, Auditel didn’t just find like-for-like savings, but also analysed the type of service they were getting and proposed changes to better fit Roffe Swayne’s needs.

Jeremy adds, “When it came to confidential waste disposal and shredding services, Auditel came up with a proposal that was not just cheaper, but also more appropriate to our needs.”