Auditel gently turn up the heat on Roast Restaurant's cost and purchase management

Roast, a privately-owned restaurant, was opened in Borough Market, close to the City of London, nearly six years ago. They are is dedicated to traditional British cooking using fresh seasonal produce sourced entirely in the UK.

Auditel first met Iqbal Wahhab, founder of Roast Restaurant, at an IoD event. He was impressed by Auditel’s service offering and appointed them to run the rule over Roast’s business costs.

Sergei Gubars, Roast’s General Manager and Wine Buyer, takes up the story. “Roast has been a success from day one. We are very busy and the restaurant is full. But, I felt that we could probably increase our net profits by taking a closer look at our expenses.”

Sergei liked the fact that Auditel did much more than talk a good game. “I was pleasantly surprised by Auditel’s approach. It was not at all aggressive. It was clear that they were experts at what they said they could do and weren’t afraid to go the extra mile.”

The first project they were asked to work on was the gas supply. This has now been completed and, as a result of their expert analysis, Auditel have delivered savings for Roast of a massive 52%.

Sergei and Iqbal Wahhab were delighted. Not just because of the savings, but also by the way Auditel worked with them.

Sergei continues, ”Working with Auditel is very easy. They are always on the case and ready and willing to provide feedback and follow-ups when asked. The money they have saved us so far is great news and will be used directly to improve the customer experience, allowing us to add improvements to our interior design and air conditioning.”

With a new kitchen suite about to be fitted, Auditel are now carrying out an examination of the electricity supply as well as following up concerns about the level of Roast’s water bills. The latter has led to a survey carried out by Auditel and further investigative work in conjunction with Borough Market to see what can be done.

They are also engaged in looking at Roast’s print costs and are working hard to ensure that the ethical and green buying policy of Roast is upheld throughout the process. And they have also been asked to look at the management and hosting of Roast’s website.

Sergei concludes,”I really like working with Auditel, they do a great job and I look forward to continuing working with them in the future.”