Auditel continues to make healthy savings for Riverhills

Auditel’s association with Riverhills Health and Boutique Spa in Ipswich goes back to 2002. Then it was part of a group with three sites, in Bury St Edmunds, Colchester and Ipswich. The first two were sold in 2015 and Clarice House Ipswich was re-branded as Riverhills in 2016.

In the highly competitive health and beauty business, Stuart King, Managing Director of Riverhills, was keen to hand over his cost management to outsourced specialists.

He says, “Like any business we knew we had to keep on top of all of our overheads, not just those that demand attention, and as a dynamic 24 hour organisation we just didn’t have the tools or the contacts to do this 100% of the time – by outsourcing some of this we could better focus on our customers.”

“We were first introduced to Auditel by a mutual business friend who thought we might benefit from their help. We appointed them and continue to appreciate their advice and management to this day.”

Positive Outcomes

Over the years, Auditel have not only found significant savings for Clarice House and latterly Riverhills, but Stuart adds, “We’ve had experts on call for any issues or new opportunities now for all these years, and we have established an honest trusting relationship.”

Auditel not only analyses costs, tenders suppliers and recommends improvements, they also implement and project manage those changes. Here are just a few examples of how Auditel’s strategic approach adds value.

Swimming Pool Lighting

Auditel audited and supplied the LED lighting around the swimming pool and elsewhere on site. Their involvement not only delivered costs savings, but also improved their guests’ experience. Auditel also project managed the installation of new energy meters.

Gas for oil

The Auditel team recommended changing the oil-fired burner to a gas-fired burner in 2002. Auditel’s Paul Copsey says, “We project managed the entire process from initial quotations through to implementation and achieved a 50% annual saving by switching from oil to gas.”

Money down (the wrong) drain

Auditel realised that the water bills were higher than they should be. Their investigation proved that the client had been paying the water bill for properties across the road! A £1000 rebate was paid by the water company and significant savings continue to flow back to Riverhills year after year.


Stuart is full of praise, “Auditel provides an essential service if you’re serious about outsourcing to concentrate on what you do better than anyone else. I feel they’re a part of my team as much as my management colleagues.”