Rendcomb College give Auditel’s cost management a gold star

Rendcomb’s Bursar, Eleanor Sharman, was initially sceptical when approached by Auditel Consultant, Simon Gibson, but quickly recognised that the College could benefit from the wealth of independent market knowledge that Auditel offered across a wide range of cost areas.

Rendcomb College is located in a 230-acre estate in the picturesque Cotswold village of Rendcomb. The College dates back to 1920 when it was founded by Frederick Noel Hamilton Wills whose uncle and cousins had earlier endowed buildings at Bristol University.

Good market intelligence

She explains, “I have always been wary of procurement consultants where the ‘savings’ normally seem to evaporate into fees. [Auditel] struck me as being a little different to others, therefore I agreed to engage them.”

Her instincts have paid dividends. “We have had the benefit of good market intelligence which is sometimes hard to come by, plus a real person to talk to who has been prepared to go into bat for us with poorly performing suppliers.”

Positive outcomes

Simon, with expert assistance from Auditel colleague, Mark Stevens, has scored some notable victories. None more so than the successful negotiation out of a punitive evergreen print/copier contract into a much more successful one which will continue to deliver cost savings and performance enhancements for years to come.

They have also achieved savings on a number of other cost areas including both fixed line and mobile phones and heating oil.

Peace of mind

Simon says, “Many suppliers see Independent Schools as good sources of income, but like any other business they need to make their books balance. Rendcomb College value not only the sustainable savings we deliver, but also our unbiased market intelligence, supplier control and problem solving. They also enjoy the peace of mind that we are always working with their best interests at heart.”

Highlights in numbers

Using their independent market knowledge, Simon and Mark have delivered impressive, yet sustainable, savings for Rendcomb College:

  • £4,500 per year on their Fixed Line Telecoms and system, and negotiated down excessive charges for Broadband Data Lines
  • £2,000 per year on Mobiles Phones and additional Tablet hardware
  • £5,000 per year on Heating Oil
  • £75,000 over 5 years on copiers and print and extricated them from a poorly performing contract to a fully integrated solution with a target to further reduce paper consumption

In addition, the Auditel team has provided expert advice on waste, water and various other cost areas on a retainer basis.