Auditel’s expertise provides Prettys with positive outcomes and peace of mind

Prettys realised their costs could be managed more efficiently, that they were currently missing opportunities to lower the cost of doing business. To achieve this Prettys realised they required the external specialist knowledge and resources that Auditel could provide.

Auditel Consultant Paul Copsey was first introduced to Jerry Norman, Prettys Head of Operations and was engaged to review a number of key cost areas. Paul invited Auditel Colleague Nigel Collins to work on the projects with him.

Founded in 1906 through a partnership of Bernard Pretty and Arthur Leighton, Prettys is a law firm based in Ipswich and Chelmsford. Prettys work with business and private clients locally, nationally and internationally, including many London-based organisations.


Auditel immediately put out a competitive tender which achieved initial savings of 38% (£6,300) pa for the first two years and a further tender in 2010 which led to savings of £8,400pa for the next two years. Auditel also assisted in resolving Prettys under estimated meter readings and ensuing large catch up bill.


Auditel’s initial review and tender of gas costs resulted in impressive savings of 43% (£4,913). Since then further savings have been achieved and in 2013 a saving of 17%, or £1,400, was successfully implemented.

Fixed Line

Auditel’s review of fixed line costs uncovered a number of anomalies, not least the fact that Prettys were not being charged for the tariff they had agreed to, but in fact were being charged two alternative tariffs! Having untangled this situation, Auditel have since achieved savings of £32,000. With their expert knowledge, Auditel’s analysis also resulted in the negotiation of specific international rates for certain overseas destinations, and moved call traffic to a provider offering a further 10% saving.

Positive outcomes

In addition to these very welcome savings, Auditel has also delivered unexpected benefits such as additional detail in management reporting and budgeting information on energy, and call exception reporting which helped to identify volume of calls to 08 and 09 numbers.

Further projects

With new projects planned such as a review of rental contracts and streamlining the number of suppliers to ease the burden of administration, the relationship between Prettys and Auditel continues to develop.