Persimmon Plc

Auditel were formally engaged in the first Quarter of 2013 to support Persimmon Plc in reducing and managing their energy expenditure across all of their regional offices. Auditel took over responsibility of this role from a reputable energy brokerage.

David approached Ian Hardy, Chief Buyer at Persimmon. Whilst initially sceptical about the proposal, Ian kindly invited David to their Head Office for an initial discussion. Following this first meeting, Ian’s feedback was that he was impressed with the professionalism, honesty and openness of the discussion.

Since formally taking over management of energy expenditure at Persimmon, Auditel have conducted a number of phased projects. The savings have reached a considerable value and Auditel are remunerated for their services on a results oriented basis, being a nominal retained fee and a contingency success target.

Persimmon have since involved Auditel into additional cost areas and specialist projects and the professional relationship between both organisations continues to strive forward.