Auditel exceeds expectations and lowers Papworth Trust’s energy costs by 25%

When a company offers you something for nothing you tend to take the view that it’s too good to be true and there must be a catch somewhere.

So when Papworth Trust were approached by Auditel, their expectations were modest. However, they took the view that any reduction to their overheads would be welcome and with Auditel’s no-win, no-fee approach, it wouldn’t cost them anything to give it a try.

Papworth Trust is a charity and registered social landlord based in Cambridgeshire working with people with disabilities across the East of England and London.

As David Martin, Director of Strategy and Marketing at Papworth Trust explains, “Every penny counts for us. Over the last ten years money for charities has become much tighter and there is ever-increasing pressure on us from the Government and Charities Commissioner to make it go further and further.”

“Although Papworth Trust has doubled in size in the last three years, so has our expenditure. Our aim, of course, is to use as much of our funding as possible on providing services for our clients. So controlling our business expenses is a high priority.”

Auditel were initially engaged to review and manage the gas and electricity costs. By renegotiation and consolidation of these supplies they have to date achieved impressive savings of £139k on electricity and over £49k on gas. Savings that have not only lowered the cost of doing business, but also eased the administrative burden by streamlining their day-to-day management.

These savings and other services, including assistance with supplies to new builds and redevelopment sites, have resulted in an overall fall in Papworth’s gas and electricity costs of 25%.

A delighted David Martin says, “Auditel have made, and continue to make, a real difference. The savings they make for us can be redirected and better spent on our core business, thus improving the value of the services we offer.”