Trusted partnership brings long-term benefits for Octink

Octink is one of the UK’s leading signage and display companies. Over 50 years’ experience, knowledge and expertise combine to assist major brands and agencies with their marketing activations across all sectors.

When Managing Director, Mike Freely, was approached by Auditel’s Adam Thomas, he quickly recognised the benefits that Adam’s independent expertise could bring. And, in his own words, felt collaboration was a ‘no-brainer.’ Now, several years on, Auditel and Octink have built a strong partnership based on trust and mutual respect. Working with stakeholders across the Board, Adam focuses on strategic procurement, as well as tactical, in what has become a high-level, consultancy-based relationship.

“Like a lot of SMEs, we just don’t have the resources in-house to spend our time focusing on the pennies being spent and lost,” explained Mike. “As well as saving us time and money on smaller cost centres, Adam’s strong negotiation skills, wealth of experience and corporate knowledge have proven to be invaluable on big projects too. Now, if we ever have a large capex requirement, we would bring Adam in to become part of the project team – he’s very much a strategic partner for the business.”

Business-wide benefits

Streamlining the company’s mobile fleet included removing outdated mobile dongle connections and monitoring data needs and usage. Adam negotiated more appropriate tariffs whilst the introduction of a new mobile phone policy further enhanced savings and user efficiency. On fixed lines, Auditel increased flexibility and reduced costs by transferring coms to a new hosted telephone service. Further optimisation of which allowed Octink to remove an expensive call answering service. Regular tenders and market evaluations ensure the solutions now in place remain relevant and cost effective.

Fuel cards were consolidated to simplify invoicing and increase transparency. Adam also identified opportunities for further savings by significantly reducing expenditure on premium fuels and by monthly monitoring and reporting on the account. Essential to business operations, Adam carried out a thorough review of the Courier market to ensure the provider selected was able to deliver Octink’s often non-conveyable items effectively and efficiently. Working proactively, Auditel continually review and manage energy contracts across the business. By regularly re-tendering at the optimum time, Adam ensures that best market rates are consistently being achieved, with ongoing savings secured as a result.

Crucially, Auditel’s strategy isn’t simply to find the cheapest deal for their clients. Adam’s holistic approach ensures that Octink receives recommendations based on service, price, as well as contract terms for a best-fit solution to the business’ needs. Monthly post-audit reviews and quarterly update meetings allow for forward planning and shared strategic insight. In addition, Adam, is very much engaged in supplier relations, helping to deal with any issues that arise.