Auditel impresses OBC Accountants with their highly professional value-added services

OBC Accountants are based in Eastbourne, Sussex. They not only offer core accountancy services, but also advise businesses on ways to become more profitable.

Auditel first came to the attention of Michael Ogilvie, one of the two Directors at OBC, in the autumn.

Keen to see whether they could lower their expenditure, he asked Financial Controller Jill Lovegrove to assist them by providing the necessary paperwork, and answer the myriad questions that she imagined they would need answers to, in order to learn more about OBC.

“I work on the third floor and I had prepared myself for days of running up and down the stairs, helping them with their queries and generally giving clarification where necessary.”

The reality was a pleasant surprise.

“I handed over the files for them to analyse and apart from a couple of questions they were able to extract all the information they needed from them. They were extremely professional and an absolute pleasure to deal with.”

“Everyone wants to cut costs, but most don’t want to invest the time it will take out of their day working with external consultants. We’ve all heard people say, ’You won’t know I’m there’, but in Auditel’s case, in terms of disruption, it was true. I was able to get on with my work and was then presented with their very detailed reports.”

“Auditel has looked at our utilities, gas and electricity, and confidential and other waste, but the big saving has been on stationery costs.”

“We had been using the same supplier for years, so moving elsewhere wasn’t easy, but the transfer was handled expertly by Auditel and the new supplier, recommended by Auditel, has proved to be excellent, meeting all our needs from day one.”

“We will definitely continue to work with Auditel and our directors will be going out to OBC’s clients to promote the Auditel service alongside our core offerings.”