Becoming the go-to solutions provider for Nightingale House Hospice

Nightingale House Hospice Chief Executive, Steve Parry, was introduced to Auditel via a mutual connection. His aim was to find a procurement consultant who could support the charity with its utility needs and lessen the burden on the organisations limited resources. Today, Auditel have become a trusted and vital resource to Nightingale House, acting as its go-to solutions provider.

As an independent hospice with a busy finance team, Nightingale House faced a challenge. Its team had become embroiled in supply of services, in particular, operational necessities such as electricity and telecoms. As an extremely varied organisation with both shops and business premises, the finance team were limited in their knowledge of the market and had a number of different suppliers. It was during discussions with his HR consultant, ABC HR, that Chief Executive, Steve Parry found the solution: “Auditel was recommended and, with no obligation, came and presented and how they might be of benefit.”

“We started off with quite a close remit, looking at utilities as bit of a tester,” adds Steve. “During the work that they did, Auditel consultants, Adrian Burton and Neil Crook, quickly got to understand our business model and, subsequently, began to give us some good advice on how to simplify the service provision. They helped to streamline and consolidate the supplier network and achieved better value in the process. Having done that for a few months, and with us being very happy with the outcomes, we asked for their support in finding an insurance solution. Auditel had Henshalls Insurance Brokers contact us, effectively facilitating the introduction, and we’ve been so impressed that we moved all of our policies over to them. It was a very similar situation with our new vehicle suppler; we bring the problem or request to Auditel and they leverage their network and contact-base to broker an introduction to one or more suitable partners.”

A particularly important project was the required conversion of two ageing ambulances. Adaptations to bring the vehicles in line with the hospice’s needs, including lifts and hoists, was cost prohibitive. Auditel invited two dealerships and an independent broker to tender, thoroughly reviewing the responses before presenting to the Nightingale’s Facilities Manager. One supplier in particular stood out, a local company, Furrows, which was prepared to go the extra mile, acting in the interest of the charity. The result: two new, ex-demo ambulances which, as well as being fit for purpose, cost less than half of the original adaptation budget. A massive value-add for the hospice.

Work on Energy involved the staged consolidation of contracts, and, in some cases, bringing out-of-contract supplies into line. Once streamlined, with much improved visibility and control on spend, Auditel proceeded to manage and review the contracts on an ongoing basis to ensure best value and efficiency.

“The impact that Auditel has had on the charity is two-fold,” said Steve. “We undoubtedly make financial savings and all financial profits of the hospice are reinvested into clinical care. Of course, some of the saving has been time saving. For a lot of the work Auditel undertake for us, there is no direct financial gain to be had. But the team can be more productive as a result of Auditel’s involvement.

“By far the most important thing is that we have to show governance over the financial aspect of the hospice. And now, we have peace of mind knowing we have a professional partner undertaking independent reviews, measuring and managing for best value and efficiency.”

As trusted advisors, Auditel oversee and manage the charity’s core expenditure, bringing rigour and clarity to the procurement process. In addition, they have become Nightingale House’s go-to solutions provider. Through their extensive contact-base, Adrian and Neil continue to introduce a best-in-class supplier network, the majority of which have been identified through ongoing relationships with the Shropshire Chamber of Commerce.

“As Chief Exec, I don’t have day-to-day contact but I’m aware of the positive impact that Auditel have on the way that we operate. You really feel you are getting a personalised service. If we have an issue, Adrian and Neil have expert knowledge of the wider marketplace and can go straight to the source to find the solution. Their professionalism and excellent after service is much appreciated.”

As testament to the perceived value and satisfaction to date, the team at Nightingale House have recommended Auditel’s services to another hospice group of a similar size. Now working together on a retainer basis, the partnership between Auditel and Nightingale House is set to continue for the foreseeable.