Our Clients: Multiflight


MultiflightMultiflight opened its doors in 1994 on the South Side of Leeds Bradford International Airport, at Yeadon, West Yorkshire.

Following multi-million pound investment it has built a reputation as one of the UK’s finest private aviation companies.

Their Executive Aircraft Handling facility features a dedicated taxiway, apron, two barrel vaulted hangars that cover 6,300 square metres (room to house four Boeing 737’s), a corporate passenger and crew lounge and a 180,000 litre fuel farm. They also provide security screening, VIP catering and accommodation arrangements to airport transfer, aircraft refuelling and hangarage. In addition, you can take a trial flying lesson; learn to fly as a professional; charter a plane or helicopter from its fleet; have your aircraft serviced or repaired; buy or sell an aircraft, or visit the Multilfight café bar with airside views.

Multiflight, with it’s 70-strong team, caters for all sizes of aircraft, from light aircraft to VIP business jets up to 757s and has it’s own VIP 737 available for charter.

Case Study:

Multiflight Download a PDF copy of the case study.


Left to right: Miles Beecham, Finance Director, Multiflight; Auditel Consultants Phil Wilkes and Paul Wilkes

Auditel have been providing cost, purchase and supplier management services to Multiflight since 2002. Originally engaged to review expenditure on energy and telecoms, Auditel’s expert analysis and thorough understanding of Multiflights needs, has led to significant annual savings of 26%.

In addition to reviewing energy renewals on a regular basis, more recently Auditel reviewed Multiflight’s waste expenditure and successfully lowered their costs by no less than 30%.

Miles Beecham, Multiflight’s Finance Director is full of praise for Auditel. ”I have not only benefited from cost savings, but also been able to pass all correspondence from our utility companies direct to Auditel for review. This takes away a great deal of pressure from my day to day workings and enables me to concentrate on other business matters.”

Retrospective negotiation
In 2007, Multiflight were presented with a large gas bill for the previous four years. Although not totally unexpected the size of the bill £135,000, seemed a bit steep. Through analysis of their usage and the prevailing rates over this period, Auditel successfully challenged the amount and negotiated a reduction of around £45,000. They also put in place an agreement to pay the balance over a number of years and secured a saving on their ongoing rate.

“Auditel have managed to use their knowledge of many employees working in many areas to produce rapid cost savings. I would have no hesitation in recommending that Phil and his team could bring substantial savings to any company.” – Miles Beecham, Finance Director, Multiflight

Embracing green energy
When their considerable electricity supply, covering the main office buildings and hangers, came up for renewal in 2011, it emerged that Multiflight would be keen to opt for a green energy solution.

Auditel’s Phil Wilkes comments. “Our work identified an option that not only provided a supply from 100% renewable sources, but delivered that with no cost premium compared to “brown” energy.”

The chosen supply was not quite the lowest cost, but once again Auditel’s understanding of the client’s needs delivered a solution that proved to be the best fit with Multiflight’s environmental policy and desire to be as “green” as possible.

Savings Breakdown:

Energy 26%
Telecoms 26%
Waste 30%

Multiflight Download a PDF copy of the case study.