Auditel takes care of the overheads (and the doubters) at Mountbatten

Earl Mountbatten Hospice (Mountbatten) relies on fundraising activities to cover annual outgoings of over £2 million, so every penny is vital and costs need to be kept firmly under control.

Established in 1992 in Newport, Isle of Wight, The Earl Mountbatten Hospice is the only hospice on the island and cares for over 800 patients facing life-threatening conditions every year.

The Hospice’s aim is to provide the best quality of life to their patients and their families – medically, spiritually and holistically. They have an In-Patient ward, Day-Care and Out-Patient units and a Hospice@Home team.

Cathy Tyler is Director of Finance & Performance Management at Earl Mountbatten Hospice. Auditel were recommended to her by a colleague at another hospice 18 months ago as a viable way of managing overheads.

Cathy remembers, “We were going through a difficult time and our funding was down on previous years, so I felt that anything we could do to reduce our overheads and improve our profitability was worth a try.”

However, some of her team were less than enthusiastic at the idea of inviting Auditel to come in and examine their overheads.

With so many companies out there making big promises, but providing only short-term gains, who could blame them.

After an initial exchange of emails, Cathy met Steve Ray and Keith Marsh of Auditel to discuss the Hospice’s specific needs and was relieved to find that they more than lived up to their recommendation and right from the start a relaxed and comfortable relationship was established.

The first area of expenditure to be examined was telecoms and within a short time Auditel had managed to reduce their spending by over 40%.

Cathy smiles, “The doubters on the team were immediately won over. So much so that they asked if Auditel could examine other areas of expenditure, too!”

As a result, Auditel are now investigating the Hospice’s utilities spend and expect to find significant savings for them on their gas and electricity costs.

But it’s not just the savings that have impressed Cathy. She enthuses, “With Auditel managing our costs I feel confident in the knowledge that all our bills are being checked on an ongoing basis and we are spending our money wisely. I have regular meetings with them, but if I need them at other times, they are just a phone call away and always eager to help.”

“At the outset I really didn’t know what to expect from Auditel, but I’m delighted with the service they have provided – and they’ve certainly exceeded the expectations of some of my colleagues!”