Auditel keeps costs below par for Moor Park Golf Club

Moor Park has been a golf club since 1923 and today has 1450 members and features two championship golf courses and thirteen tennis courts, seven of which are grass.

The impressive 17th century Mansion and grounds of Moor Park provide a wonderful setting for a round of golf or a couple of sets of tennis, but Grade 1* listed buildings are expensive to maintain, so any money saved on essential business costs is very welcome.

Auditel have been on Moor Park’s radar since being recommended to Chief Executive, Jon Moore, by a business contact. He recalls, “Following a good exploratory meeting to discuss where improvements could be made, I gave Auditel the go ahead to look into a number of areas.”

The main cost areas covered by their agreement were: utilities, telecoms and dried and frozen foods.

In phase one of Auditel’s analysis, savings of 34.9% were identified on fixed line telecoms and this was followed by 9.9% on catering costs – mostly dry goods. Auditel then turned their attention to mobile phone costs and delivered impressive, ongoing savings of 45.3%.

Although in contract at the outset of their investigations of Moor Park’s expenditure, savings on gas and electricity, which Auditel had identified at the outset have now also been realised. Over four sites the savings on electricity varied: from 5% at the Mansion, to over 30% at each of the other three sites. On gas, Auditel have also lowered the cost by 17.3%.

Naturally, Jon is delighted with the savings and talks of Auditel in glowing terms. “I have been very impressed. They are a pleasure to work with and I can tap into and refer to their knowledge, confident that I will be getting good advice.”

“The money they have saved us has been reinvested in low voltage lighting in the Mansion, which in turn will deliver further savings which can be reinvested. “

Jon concludes, “Auditel have really benefited our business with their specialist knowledge, advice and awareness of our needs. They have become an outsourced member of our management team.”