A* for Auditel’s team at Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls

Auditel’s analysis has already saved 22% on utilities costs for Haberdashers’ Monmouth School for Girls by ensuring they are on the most appropriate contracts and tariffs.

Tessa Norgrove, the School’s Bursar, was first introduced to Auditel by Claire Power-Browne and her Business Partner Steve Ray. Tessa and colleague Chris Jones have now been working with them and other Auditel consultants brought on board, since late 2009.

“We had worked with brokers and other consultants in the past and have always been very happy to meet with people who can help us improve our efficiency and effectiveness,” says Tessa.

Shortly after the working relationship started Claire and Steve invited their Auditel colleague Ravi Khakhria to assist them. Steve Ray commented, “having worked alongside Ravi for many other projects, Claire and I had no hesitation in asking him to join us. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the initial areas that the school invited us to review.”

Chris, who is the School’s Finance and Administration Manager, continues, “I’ve had a lot of direct contact with the Auditel team over the past year and am very pleased with the service they’ve provided. Everybody we deal with is very professional and a delight to work with.”

So far, Auditel have reviewed the School’s gas, electricity, landline and mobile communications expenditures and have found savings up to 22% in these areas by moving the School onto more appropriate contracts and tariffs. In addition, they have recovered over £43,000 of incorrectly applied electricity charges.

Going forward, Auditel have been invited to review additional categories, including Stationery and IT consumables as well as Janitorial Supplies.

A major strength of the Auditel approach is the collaborative working which allows teams to be formed of affiliates with expertise across a broad spectrum of specialist disciplines. It was this ‘virtual corporate structure’ approach which led to Auditel colleague Denis Brennan being asked to help Tessa review the IT provision across the three Monmouth School sites.

“This project is in the very early stages but is going very well so far,” says Tessa. “We’re not just looking at cost on this project but at the IT management structure and service provision across the three sites so it’s quite complex.”

“The Auditel team of Claire, Steve, Ravi and Denis have been a pleasure to work with and we’re very happy with the savings they’ve made for us. I’d certainly recommend them to any other school, be they independent or maintained. Their contingency fee model means there’s absolutely nothing to lose by asking them to look at your overheads – it’s a zero risk strategy.”