Auditel is a welcome tonic for Mildmay Mission Hospital

Mildmay Mission Hospital, along with most other charitable organisations, has had to tighten its belt in the current economic climate and Auditel’s successful involvement has been very timely.

Auditel consultants, Laurence Fitch and Ruth Dawe approached the Mildmay Mission Hospital in March 2010 and since then have impressed an initially sceptical Director of Finance, Joe Thomas, with their professionalism, knowledge and willingness to get on with whatever needs to be done.

“It has been fantastic dealing with them both,” he enthuses. “They just get on with it, make no extra work for us and really know their stuff.”

Auditel have investigated a number of cost management projects since 2010, including in-depth analysis of Mildmay’s spend on electricity, gas, janitorial supplies, fixed line telecommunications and stationery. By switching Mildmay to a new supplier and negotiating a new contract, Auditel delivered savings of 33.2% (£9,711) on electricity in Year One and will achieve savings of 29.0% (£8,755) in Year Two.

Auditel also moved the gas supply to a new supplier in December 2010, on a 2-year fixed term contract. This change generating further substantial savings of 33.2% p.a. (£7,012).

Savings of 16% on janitorial supplies have also been made. In fact, as well as the savings made, the client has also benefited from Auditel’s implementation of a structured core list, thus ensuring that they are buying at a better price and buying effectively.

Although Mildmay were mid-way through a long-term fixed telecoms contract, Auditel were able to secure 33% call savings for the first year. Once contractual commitments ended they then negotiated the outright purchase of the telephone system securing first year savings of £4,500 (68%) and subsequent annual savings of £7,000 p.a.

Lines, calls and telephone maintenance were then switched to a new supplier providing savings of 17% on line rental, a massive 40% on call traffic and 65% on telephone system maintenance.

Auditel has also identified potential annual savings of 54.5% on stationery and is planning further initiatives including printed matter, photocopying, print and copy where substantial savings are also expected.