Auditel’s professionalism leaves other cost management companies trailing in MSC’s wake

Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) is the second largest shipping company in the world, offering its customers a fully integrated containerised service.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (UK) Ltd, general agents for MSC, offers customers a comprehensive range of services from computerised booking and electronic data interchange to independent road and rail transportation services, agency supply chain management, cargo consolidating and warehousing.

Mediterranean Shipping Company (UK) Ltd, (MSC) has two office buildings in Ipswich, a warehouse, and container operations across the UK. Lisa Barker, who joined the company in 2009 as Property and Facilities Manager, was keen to make sure that their heating and lighting expenditure was as cost-effective as possible.

She explains, “I manage most of our facilities costs myself, but it was agreed that an independent energy expert could be useful in assisting us with the management of our electricity costs.”

“My previous experience of Auditel had been very positive and I knew them to be trustworthy, to do what they said they would do and to make my job easier. Their professionalism had really shone through over and above other cost management companies.”

So in March 2010, Auditel Consultants Paul Copsey and Stephen Heathcock were invited to review their electricity spend on a no-win, no-fee basis, to check for billing errors and other anomalies and to manage the electricity contract renewal.

Their analysis has paid dividends for MSC. In the first year they were able to identify and deliver annual savings of 13% or £19,000 on the half hourly (HH) supply.

This year further renewals have led to savings of 21% or £3,800 on the non-HH supply and an additional 6% (£12,000 pa) on the renegotiated half hourly rate.

Lisa is very pleased, “Auditel does a great job, I particularly value Auditel’s unbiased approach. Their independence from energy suppliers and the fact that they work on a no-win, no-fee basis means we can rest assured that they are always working with our best interests at heart. We really had nothing to lose and a lot to gain from their involvement.”