Auditel manage complex energy matters so that MC Group can drive growth

Founded over 30 years ago, MC Group Ltd is a leader in commercial transport solutions. It operates as a Volvo and Isuzu commercial truck dealer and has a vehicle rental business with over 3,000 assets. With nine sites across the South East, the company now employs around 400 members of staff.

When MC Group’s Financial Director, Peter Booth, first met with Auditel, the company had a clear objective: spend less time dealing with operational issues in order to focus on growing the business. With multiple suppliers across its nine-site estate, the company’s complex energy contracts were top of the list.

“Auditel were recommended to me by a mutual contact for their professionalism and knowledge of the energy market,” explained Peter. “Our focus was on business growth and we simply didn’t have the time, the expertise or the resource to undertake a comprehensive review of our energy contracts in house.”

Auditel now manage Gas and Electricity across all active sites. Co-terminus solutions have been implemented to streamline contract renewal dates and strengthen the position for renegotiation. As part of their ongoing management, Auditel are now moving all renewal dates to the company’s off-peak periods, to ensure that the Board have availability for recommendations and resigning. At the point of renewal, Auditel conduct a new, independent tender to ensure that the company continues to benefit from the best available market rates.

Whilst total savings to date are over £85k, Auditel’s holistic approach ensures that clients receive recommendations based on price, customer service, efficiency and contract terms, as well as renewable energy offers in each tender, for a best-fit solution to the business’ needs. When MC Group expanded, Auditel were on hand to support with the installation of new electricity meters and assist with upgrades and replacement of obsolete units.

“Auditel were particularly helpful when we expanded one of our depots and the electric meters needed changing. Paul liaised with the contractors and oversaw the upgrade and installation of the most suitable units that would be best suited in terms of consumption and efficiency.” Peter Booth, Finance Director.

In addition to procurement, Auditel assisted MC Group with their Phase 1 Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) compliance. As the company’s independent energy consultants, Auditel ensure that MC Group are not only compliant but meet the Environmental Agency’s strict ESOS criteria in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Auditel have now been engaged for Phase 2 of the process.

Auditel clients benefit from ongoing support even after the implementation of new contracts or suppliers. Monthly post-audit checks ensure that MC Group’s unit charges and standing order charges are accurate whilst site-wide tolerance checks identify unusually high or low usage which can then be investigated.