Strategic company-wide procurement brings efficiencies and savings for LWPHomes

LWPHomes (LWPH) operates three care homes in Essex, Somerset and Lincolnshire and a community of ten modern assisted living units in Dorset. The charity’s aim is to provide the best care within a safe and loving Christian community.

As part of its commitment to ensuring charitable funds are spent effectively, LWPH appointed Auditel, who, over the last seven years, have become trusted partners and strategic advisors. Now overseeing and managing all aspects of procurement and strategic purchasing across the estate, Auditel assist LWPH in meeting its legislative, best practice and competitive needs.

“Our very first project was to replace a fire alarm system – that saved us around £12k and since then Auditel, in the guise of Tim Halfhead, has procured everything from furniture and rubber gloves through to mechanical engineering maintenance and major rebuild projects. Tim has very much become part of our company and what we do. We have a very close relationship with Auditel which has been fruitful for both parties.” Simon Lee, Director of Care Services.

“Over the years, we’ve come to appreciate the scope of works which Auditel have the experience and breadth of knowledge to undertake. As an organisation, they have saved us untold amounts of money but perhaps even more valuably, alongside the procurement process, Tim offers strategic advice and makes suggestions for improvements and efficiencies.”

Auditel worked to standardise procurement processes across LWPHomes’s sites which had been previously run on a site-by-site basis. The number of suppliers was rationalised for each cost centre and emphasis is placed on building trusted and valuable supplier partnerships for the long-term. Ongoing market research and pre-recommendation vetting procedures conducted by Auditel ensures that only the best-fit suppliers are presented to LWPH as potential partners. Tim continues to leverage expertise in niche regulatory areas to maximise savings. Securing a VAT refund on lift installation and maintenance charges – which are exempt for elderly and vulnerable service providers – being just one such example.

On larger and more complex projects – including the renovation and refurbishment of the ten assisted living units at Gainsborough House – Auditel works with a partner, UDC, to design and tender the optimum solution for LWPHomes. Precise specifications for the refurbishments obliged tendering suppliers to respond with straight-line proposals, allowing for accurate comparison of costs, materials, service and timelines.

This enabled informed recommendations to be made to LWPHomes’ management.

“I can’t speak highly enough of Tim and Auditel; he is always professional, and nothing is too much trouble. Bringing trusted, reliable contacts to the table saves us time and money. And, when issues do arise, a great benefit is Auditel’s access to a much higher point of contact with suppliers than we could ever hope to achieve.”

Thanks to Tim’s ongoing supplier management, leveraging of renewal windows and experience of the markets, LWPHomes continues to receive best value and exceptional levels of service from quality, local suppliers. By bringing rigour and skill to the tender process, LWPH’s Directors are safe in the knowledge that Auditel consistently ensure best practice and the highest of standards are maintained across all cost centres.