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Langley House Trust

Langley House Trust

Langley House Trust is an innovative Christian charity which provides specialist housing, programmes and support services to offenders seeking to live crime-free.

The Trust has had remarkable success in helping clients not to re-offend, with a reconviction rate of under 3% for those in their housing – one of the lowest rates in the country. Consequently, their services have expanded and there have been ever-increasing demands on the Trust’s resources.

Value for Money is a key issue for Langley House Trust. In fact the Homes and Communities Agency requires the Trust to publish an Annual Report showing progress in Value for Money.

Langley House Trust Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Langley House Trust

Auditel’s Martin Wallis had already worked with Langley House Trust to deliver some good wins, but these were mostly at a local level, and as Corporate Services Director David Wm. Reynolds explains, ‘We were keen to address some of the bigger areas of overhead which contribute to the costs of all our projects’.

The Situation

With a number of contracts coming to an end and their head office moving from Witney to Coventry, Langley House Trust saw the opportunity to do a complete review of their complex UK-wide telecoms infrastructure, comprising mobile phones, fixed lines and an MPLS broadband network. However, it was vital that any transition was effected smoothly and there were no breaks in services.

“We wanted savings to be more than just pounds and pennies. We wanted to feel some tangible benefits such as improved services. But, not only have we made savings, we have now got better management information from Martin and the provider, too. In short, we’ve got what we wanted to achieve.” – David Wm. Reynolds, Corporate Services Director

David Wm. Reynolds adds, ‘We knew we needed to take account of technical specifications and customer service as well as complex tariffs, so we wanted to work with a partner who understood our needs and the offers available from a huge number of suppliers.’

Lacking the time and resources to carry out such a major task in-house, Langley House Trust appointed Martin to work alongside their IT and Compliance and Assurance Managers.

Action Taken

He continues: ‘We all had a pre-meeting to decide on the process from tender, selection of partner, to transition and implementation. with the aim of achieving:

  • Good quality of service
  • Predictable costs from month to month
  • Good management information
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Better Value for Money

Martin first carried out a detailed review of costs and usage, before issuing a Request to Tender direct to the networks, as well as premium network partners. ‘Martin managed it all very smoothly and implemented the process exactly as planned. I usually only hear about things when they go wrong and I have heard very little!’


Martin has delivered significant savings – money which will be better spent developing Langley House Trust’s services elsewhere.

The Auditel Effect

50% savings on mobiles, lower fixed line and MPLS network costs, all of which can be invested instead in Langley House Trust’s core services.

  • Mobiles saw savings of around 50%, and the elimination of exceptional charges the Trust hadn’t been aware of
  • The costs for the MPLS network came down too, and without the need to change supplier – in fact that supplier took over the landlines to deliver even more savings
  • The savings have helped the Trust to develop more accommodation and increase the number of programmes offered

Langley House Trust Download a PDF copy of the case study.