Auditel help Laker BMS regain control of their supply chain

Having worked with Auditel’s Paul Millican before, Laker BMS’s (Lakers) Managing Director, James Lakey, had no hesitation in asking for his help again, following a period of rapid expansion.

James Lakey says, ‘I had just completed two new acquisitions, but due to our rapid expansion we had lost control of the supply chain.

“Initially, I asked Paul to come in and review our building materials costs and to support the planned and responsive repairs teams in  Birmingham. Having worked with him before, I had absolute confidence in his abilities.”

He wasn’t disappointed.

Going the extra mile for Laker BMS

Paul reviewed their building costs and, despite some early resistance, quickly developed good relationships with the teams. His detailed analysis of suppliers and processes led to the introduction of a more streamlined supply chain, resulting in savings of 21% on a spend of £300k.

A delighted James Lakey continues, “Paul goes the extra mile to ensure that he really understands our business. Without being asked to, he visited all our sites, met the directors and developed a rapport with all the site management teams.”

Positive outcomes for Laker BMS

Later, Paul’s remit was expanded to include all purchasing materials including gas, heating, plumbing and electrical (M&E) as well as expanding the scope to include all building material requirements.

James Lakey says, “Once again, Paul has excelled. His work has led to projected savings of ca. 20% on a spend which is currently around £3M. This is a significant amount of money for Lakers. It can be reinvested in the growth of the company and it makes us more competitive in tendering.”

Further projects have also been undertaken such as Fuel Cards, which resulted in annual savings of 4% on a spend of around £500k and the waiving of account fees that were being imposed by the incumbent supplier.

James Lakey concludes, “I really can’t praise Paul’s work highly enough. He is an absolute pleasure to work with and has made a significant contribution to the financial future of our company. I look forward to working with him on the next projects we have planned.”