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Knill James

Knill JamesKnill James is a highly respected firm of accountants and business advisors, which has been providing services to businesses in Brighton, Lewes and throughout the south east of England for 125 years.

With six partners and 50 staff based in Lewes and about 2,500 clients, Knill James provides financial expertise for individuals, small businesses, large businesses and professional practices.

They are expert in core accountancy needs, such as payroll and preparation of accounts, as well as providing expert advice on key areas including financial accounting, company tax, tax planning, corporate finance, business strategy, management accounts and audit assurance.

Case Study:

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Knill James

Left to right: Kevin Powell, Partner, Knill James; Gail Clark, Auditel Consultant; and Dominic Shephard, Senior Manager, Knill James

Auditel first came to the attention of Kevin Powell, Partner at Knill James, when Gail Clark approached them in 2010. Having heard good things about Auditel, he set up a meeting to find out whether they could help lower Knill James’ operating expenditure.

From the outset, it was obvious that they would be in good hands and Auditel were signed up in November 2010. Senior manager Dominic Shephard takes up the story: “I was very impressed with Auditel Consultant Gail Clark. She was very professional and clearly knowledgeable about our key cost areas. Auditel’s no win, no fee offer was also much more attractive than paying a company to find us savings and then, months down the road, not finding any!

In addition to which, Dominic was particularly pleased to find that Auditel didn’t simply cut costs and walk away. “They also provide ongoing management of the cost areas they have audited.”

“We have been very impressed with Auditel and are keen to share the benefits of their service with our clients.” – Dominic Shephard, Senior Manager, Knill James

Auditel were duly engaged to analyse a variety of Knill James’ costs including mobile phones, electricity, fixed line telecoms, waste management, vending machines and photocopiers.

Dominic continues, “Auditel started with the mobile phones. It is an absolute minefield for a lay person to unravel. Auditel has not only sorted it out and saved Knill James 20% in the process, but also saved me personally a huge amount of time with their ongoing cost management. And it’s all part of the service!

“The savings which are beginning to come through now are very welcome, but the biggest factor for me has been the time-saving.”

Having experienced the benefits themselves, Knill James are now looking to introduce Auditel’s cost and purchase management service to their own clients.

Savings Breakdown:

Mobiles 20%
Confidential waste 69%
Vending Machines 12%
Electricity 7%

Other cost areas under audit:
Fixed Line Telecoms 47%
Photocopiers 22%
Printers 50%

Knill James Download a PDF copy of the case study.