Kinsella Clarke adds Auditel’s services to their ever-growing portfolio

Kinsella Clarke was established more than 20 years ago and has developed to become one of the leading Accountancy practices in Liverpool.

Kinsella Clarke has continued to build upon its excellent reputation for traditional auditing, accounting and tax services by providing advice on how to improve and develop your business, this includes integrated business strategy services, access to corporate finance and specialist tax advice.

Having known Stephen Sowerby from his work as a Chartered Accountant, Ged Clarke was aware Stephen had joined Auditel and asked whether Auditel could help his business. Ged was particularly attracted to the contingency fee proposition meaning that there was no cost unless measurable savings were found. As Ged explains, “We run a very busy and successful accountancy practice, and although we keep costs under control, we don’t have the time or resources to consistently monitor these areas. That’s why I was interested in having someone professional that I trust review my overhead expenditure.”

12 months on and the savings have been significant and the service provided by Stephen and Auditel has been dependable, straightforward and honest. Recognising that many of their clients face similar time pressures and find it increasingly difficult to invest resources into overhead spend analysis, Ged and his team are keen to introduce this innovative service to help their clients grow their business by keeping costs under control. Ged is well aware that, “all businesses are having to concentrate resources on strategic growth and so many will be missing out on cost saving opportunities within their essential overheads.”

Although the partnership programme only started recently the initial results have been very promising, already saving Kinsella Clarke’s clients over £35,000 on their overhead expenditure. The feedback from clients on the service has also been very positive with many commenting on the time as well as cost saving.