Auditel’s management of costs adds risk-free savings to Kerseys bottom line

Kerseys Solicitors’ former managing partner met Auditel Consultant John Heathcock at a networking event. Kerseys invited John to review expenditure after hearing how Auditel had successfully managed the essential business costs of a number of other local businesses.

Auditel was engaged to review Kerseys Solicitors spend on electricity, which was due for renewal. Their faith was rewarded when Auditel’s investigation delivered substantial savings – initially 56%, followed by a further 30% two years later.

Timing of energy contract renewals is important in a volatile market, and daily updates on energy under Auditel’s management service played a large part in ensuring that best prices were obtained.

Following this success, Kerseys invited Auditel to look at their gas, fixed line, and data costs. Auditel’s initial gas review recommended that Kerseys remain with their incumbent provider, but when John asked colleague Paul Copsey to review again, savings of 22% were identified with an alternative, trusted gas supplier.

Meanwhile, Auditel’s recommendation to fulfil Kerseys broadband needs realised savings of £3,276 pa and introduced a new supplier that was both cheaper, and a better fit, for Kerseys.

Auditel next looked into Kerseys fixed line needs and found that they were tied in to a long term contract with the incumbent supplier. Despite this, they managed to negotiate an improved tariff. Subsequent tariff reviews delivered further substantial savings, all with their original provider. The ideal scenario – an established preferred supplier and optimised costs.

In addition to achieving ongoing cost savings, John and Paul also obtained refunds totalling £26,235 for billing errors and overcharging by the fixed line supplier and maintenance provider.

As a result of these successes and a growing mutual trust between Auditel and Kerseys, more projects followed:

  • Stationery: a detailed review of their order history and future needs has led to a change of supplier, an enhanced service and savings of 35%.
  • DX: Auditel colleague Ravi Khakhria to investigated Kerseys’ DX delivery service charges, and a reduction in fees of 22% was negotiated. A further review resulted in an extra 4% reduction.
  • Lighting: Replacement of the existing fluorescent tubes lowered annual energy costs by 56%, and a further report on their remaining lighting led to the installation of LED lamps and impressive savings of 85% after a payback period of less than 12 months.
  • Water: Auditel’s key recommendation was to modify existing hardware to lower water costs by 22%.

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