Hydrogarden Wholesale Supplies

Auditel have worked closely with Hydrogarden ever since they were first engaged to support them.

Hydrogarden have experienced significant growth over recent years, and are the UK’s largest distributor and manufacturer of hydroponic and horticultural products.

Auditel have made significant reductions to the overhead cost base at Hydrogarden, reducing expenses and improving efficiencies in areas such as couriers, palletised freight, energy, merchant card fees and office costs

Hydrogarden commented that “David and Polly have implemented savings in excess of £200,000 since we brought them on board in 2011, and I now regard them as a key support function to our Procurement team.”

Hydrogarden were impressed with the outcome of the project stating that “I would advise any business to invite Auditel for a meeting and to conduct a review on a no win no fee basis. There is nothing to lose and you may be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Our relationship with Auditel is built upon trust and I value their professional advice. They can achieve the best rates in the marketplace and will find the optimum solution that provides the best fit for our company.”

Auditel comment that “We have enjoyed supporting Hydrogarden to reduce their cost base, and their costs are now some of the lowest that are available in the markets. Going forward our objective is to sustain this position and extend our work into other areas of the profit and loss account.”