Savings for Helping Hands can be better spent on their core services

Helping Hands were approached by Auditel Consultant, Gillian Gibbon, to find out what they did and how Auditel could help to streamline their essential business costs. Impressed by Auditel’s proposal, Helping Hands asked them to look into their office supplies and energy costs.

Office supplies

Helping Hands were happy with the service offered by their current supplier, but didn’t have the in-house resources or expertise to carry out a benchmarking and tender exercise. They asked Auditel to analyse their expenditure to ensure they were receiving best value.

It’s not just about saving money

Auditel’s full audit and tender to the office supplies market identified that large savings could be made of up to 33% (£7,300 pa), but to achieve this they would need to move to an alternative provider. However, the tender exercise also showed that even if they stayed with their existing supplier they could lower their costs by 26% (£5,700 pa). Helping Hands chose to forgo the extra savings in favour of staying with their incumbent supplier who had always delivered high levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Ongoing management

In addition to releasing savings, Auditel’s ongoing monthly management of the supply contract list ensures that Helping Hands benefits on an ongoing basis from best prices from the supplier.

As a result, Helping Hands is now benefiting from higher annual savings than originally projected.

Consolidation of energy costs

Opening an ever-increasing number of new sites, Helping Hands had a growing administrative headache in ensuring all energy contracts were managed effectively. They were keen to make use of Auditel’s considerable knowledge to consolidate the utilities contracts and achieve better buying power.

Auditel’s in-depth analysis and regular tenders to the electricity and gas markets have achieved great results, with hugely impressive savings of 46% on electricity and 67% on gas, and annual savings now running at £14,000.

Helping Hands Finance Director, Andrew Wood says: “Auditel assists, hugely, in getting multiple suppliers onto a single supplier base, leveraging our buying power.”

Continuing support

Following this success, Auditel are now tasked with ensuring that all new sites are tendered as soon as they are taken on by Helping Hands, and they manage time queries and meter issues. Not only has this saved time and freed up Helping Hands resources, but it also ensures that best value is achieved at all times in the volatile energy markets.

Andrew adds: “The post-agreement auditing of invoicing gives great assurance there is no ‘creep’ or errors on pricing.”