Using Auditel was a no-brainer for Harrison Beale & Owen

When Mark Ashfield, Managing Director of Harrison Beale & Owen Chartered Accountants, was first approached by Auditel he was extremely sceptical. There are more and more organisations in the marketplace that are claiming to be able to save clients time and money. What was it that made Auditel any different?

Not only was the background of the consultants a huge cushion of reassurance, but the commercial proposition is what really sold the service to Mark. It was seen as interesting. The assurance that remuneration is driven by a sharing in the savings produced made the proposal seem irresistible.

It was decided that the service would be piloted in Harrison Beale & Owen, which provided an outcome that pleased all parties. Auditel identified demonstrable saving. Importantly, the quality has not been sacrificed. In one case, HB&O wanted to keep their current supplier and so this was achieved but Auditel negotiated significantly preferable terms being applied to the service using their processes and knowledge of the marketplace.

“The thing that really makes Auditel stand out is the level of trust. We could rely on them so much so that we now deliver this service to our key clients as a value-added offering. Uptake of this service has been very high based on our recommendations and we now often refer to this service during pitches for new business as a differentiator.”

HB&O are part of the international accountancy group MGI and this brought about the opportunity for Auditel to expand the service offering into partnered practices which has been done very successfully.