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Haisthorpe House

Haisthorpe House is a residential care home for 30 people with learning disabilities or mental health disorders. It offers a homely and supportive setting where residents are encouraged to remain as independent as possible and they are encouraged to make choices about their lives and how they choose to spend their time.

It is located close to the centre of York and is easily accessible to York’s amenities and facilities.

Case Study:

Haisthorpe House Care Home Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Haisthorpe House Care HomeHaisthorpe House Care Home

John Britcliffe, Owner of Haisthorpe House says: ‘The care home sector is currently facing difficulties in that the local council is not allowing us to raise our fees. Without the potential to increase our income, the careful management of our costs becomes even more critical.’

Auditel’s focus is the key

Haisthorpe House were looking at costs, but the process lacked focus without the benefit of time, industry knowledge or expert resources.

On speaking to Auditel Consultant John Wardle, Haisthorpe House owner John Britcliffe realised that the cost management services Auditel offered were just what Haisthorpe House needed. Following a planning meeting in June 2013 Auditel set to work, initially analysing their PBX and landlines. John Britcliffe says, ‘John immediately brought focus to the cost saving exercise and accelerated its progress.’

“We are not large enough to employ someone to manage our procurement for us. Auditel is the ideal solution for operations such as ours as they can apply the focus to get the job done and we have the peace of mind that every cost is being looked at and professionally managed. Also, Auditel performs all the paperwork and takes away all the hassle from us!” – John Britcliffe, Owner of Haisthorpe House

Making talk cheaper

His analysis quickly showed up services that were redundant and costly call types which should be kept to a minimum. By introducing a new supplier he was able to deliver massive savings of 60% on call charges and line rentals. In addition, a new payphone was introduced for residents.

He then looked at their management team’s mobiles and by negotiating new contracts achieved savings of 29%.

Capital Allowances

A fully comprehensive capital allowances claim usually highlights significant additional costs that materially increase a claim’s value. Haisthorpe House had been acquired and extended some years before with only the basic level of capital allowances claimed.

As a result of their painstaking attention to detail, Auditel and its specialist supplier were able to submit an additional claim of £88,000 resulting in an extra £12,000 for the client through its tax returns.

John Britcliffe comments, ‘Initially I was somewhat sceptical, but as we went through the process I could see that the incredible detail that went into the claim was bearing fruit…and so it proved!’

Peace of mind

Savings on insurance and electricity, of 18% and 8% respectively, soon followed, but the Auditel service doesn’t only deliver savings. It also provides peace of mind.

For example, Auditel assessed Haisthorpe’s water charges, business costs and food, a significant cost for Care Homes. Although Auditel’s work didn’t immediately cut costs, it did prompt the client to change its process and suppliers and make considerable savings.

Current projects

Currently the Auditel team are looking into the potential benefits of converting from an oil fired boiler to gas.

The Auditel effect

John Britcliffe sums up his Auditel experience, ‘Generally, Auditel’s work has led to a heightened awareness of costs and saving money that has spread throughout the organisation. So, whilst Auditel has covered a number of areas, Haisthorpe House has had a benefit in many other areas where we are now alive to the possibility of saving cost.’

Savings Breakdown:

Telecoms 60%
Mobiles 29%
Electricity 8%
Insurance 18%

Haisthorpe House Care Home Download a PDF copy of the case study.