Auditel’s savings for Framework Housing make a difference to the people who need it most

With Government grants being cut, the need to make sure that running costs are as efficient as possible has never been more acute for Framework Housing Association.

Framework Housing Association is based in Nottingham and has been running for ten years. Initially it benefited from the incumbent Government’s funding policy for organisations that supported people trying to get their lives back together.

However, in the current economic climate and faced with serious funding cuts, Framework has to keep a very close watch on overheads in order to continue giving support to the estimated 10,000 people with drugs, mental health and alcohol-related problems that they deal with every year.

FD, John Millard says: “A lot of our cost management is done in-house, but some business cost areas are too complicated for us to deal with effectively.”

“We are inundated with calls from cost consultants who promise the earth and deliver little, so I usually tell them we’ve got it covered. But when Auditel Consultant Gillian Gibbon got in touch with us we were having a problem with our phone contracts that we couldn’t sort out ourselves, so we agreed to let her have a go at solving it.”

It soon became clear that with Auditel’s knowledge, experience and buying power, it was a good move.

John continues, ”I was very impressed with how quickly Gill and her colleague Nigel Collins grasped the complexities of our phone set up, despite it being spread across our organisation with a whole range of different tariffs and a wide range of different needs.”

“Being independent and using their industry knowledge and buying power, Auditel were able to talk to the suppliers on a completely different level and through their analysis, negotiation and hard work were able to secure significant savings.”

Savings that now amount to over £60,000.

In the light of this success, Auditel were also asked to examine Framework’s energy spend and their analysis and negotiations with electricity and gas suppliers produced even better results.

What started with a cold call in 2005, has so far turned into savings of over half a million pounds. Money that is much needed to ensure Framework can continue to support its clients.