Forres Sandle Manor

“From the outset, this school has had a very fruitful association with Auditel. Although it is now clear they can turn their scrutiny onto any expenditure overheads with a view to identifying savings, we first engaged them to look at the less than savoury aspects of both waste collection and water related charges, including sewage disposal. The aim was to see how they fared with those aspects before widening their scope to other costs areas.

If we were ever guilty of being a little jaundiced at the value of this exercise then it was misplaced. They have delivered annual savings in both areas of £4,700 (42%) for waste collection and £1600 (11%) for water charges. Their reports are a model of succinctness and clarity. We have every confidence in their enthusiasm and commitment to seek out those essential infrastructure savings for their clients in an intelligent and practical way where common sense is the key driver, not painful and ill-judged efficiencies which could not be sustained in the long term.

We have no hesitation at all in recommending the expertise of Auditel to other schools. Trial them as we did. Savings will be achieved without question.”

Mr R K G DuttonBursar