Auditel’s procurement expertise proves just the ticket for Farnham Maltings

Auditel Consultant, John Merker, sent some literature on the Auditel service to Farnham Maltings. This struck a chord with the then General Manager as being a charity it is important they make every effort to ensure their costs are effectively managed. A task which the current General Manager is continuing to aspire to.

The General Manager says, “We continue to work hard to develop and increase the frequency of festivals along with continuous improvements in digital technology enabling us to link into national live broadcast programmes with the likes of the National Theatre and the New York Metropolitan Opera, which has increased business through the door.”

“However, we are a registered charity and in order to continue providing the wide range of arts and community services we’re known for, we have to access funding from a number of government and lottery sources, so it’s important we also make every effort to ensure our costs are effectively managed. For this reason, John’s continued support in tendering our utility companies and monitoring our usage has without doubt brought us savings to aid our ambitious remit.”

Auditel’s non-disruptive service

The General Manager says, “Working with John has been a really good experience. He carried out a thorough investigation, delving into all sorts of detail and paperwork, with almost no input from us. We could just carry on with our day-to-day tasks with no impact on our workload.”

Outstanding results

By moving to alternative suppliers year on year based on tender results John realised savings of between 13% and 26% per annum. We now feel in a good position to make the switch to green renewable energy providers for some of our supplies.

Further projects and savings

So impressed were Farnham Maltings with both the savings and John’s efficiency that the project was rolled out to include other business cost areas such as merchant card fees (savings of 23%), franking machines (savings of 47%) and alarms (savings of 60%).

IT project management

John was also asked to review the centre’s telephony needs. The Deputy Director adds, “We did some initial investigation ourselves only to be swamped with information that was very technical and confusing.” So John was asked to take over the project. The Deputy Director continues, “This turned out to be our best decision. Throughout the project John provided us with guidance and educated us on the different services and offerings and led us to make an informed decision which we would not have achieved without him.”

Savings for Farnham Museum

In addition, he had also helped Farnham Maltings take over the management of Farnham Museum from the local authority, achieving similar savings on Electricity, Telecoms and Alarms.