Auditel brings its experience to bear for The Disabilities Trust

Auditel Cost Management Specialist, Gillian Gibbon was introduced to The Disabilities Trust by a similar charity that she had provided cost management services to.

As is the case with many organisations, The Disabilities Trust were concerned that in a number of cost areas they might not be receiving best value. So the Finance Director was keen to see what could be done to release some additional funding. As a pilot project Auditel was asked to focus on The Disabilities Trust’s electricity supplies.

Consolidating electricity bills

Gillian says: “When we first engaged with The Disabilities Trust the commercial supplies were all in contract with a supplier. However, each site was billing individually and operating as a separate account.”

Following Auditel’s initial analysis and review a full competitive tender was completed. This resulted not only in annual savings of 11%, but also, by putting all the billing into one consolidated account, eased the administrative burden, made management of the account easier and reduced the number of payments required on a monthly basis.

Having proved their value, Auditel were then asked to work on further projects.

Energy management over 200 sites

Gillian continues: “We have managed all their electricity and gas supplies fully since 2011, consistently achieving savings by carrying out comprehensive tendering to the energy markets, plus all bill validation, meter management, monthly reporting, service and problem resolution.”

With over 200 sites to manage, Auditel provides an extra resource and expertise that ensures best value is being achieved consistently.

Over the last six years, total savings achieved are now over £300,000, money that can be channelled instead into the care of the people they support.

ESOS compliance

Auditel have worked with dozens of companies to help them comply with ESOS legislation (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme), whilst reaping the business benefits of energy efficiency. Bringing that wealth of experience to bear, Auditel arranged for The Disabilities Trust to be ESOS compliant.

An extra resource

At the outset, improving services and finding savings is often the goal with a new client. But that is only the start as Auditel continues to add value by providing reporting and administrative support as an extra resource for the client’s Finance team.