Auditel becomes a trusted, outsourced member of the management team at Daisy Chain Day Care

Daisy Chain Day Care is a family business set up in 1989 to offer pre-school nursery care for children in Shropshire. Today they have four nurseries with seventy-two high calibre staff committed to the development of up to two hundred children per day.

Simon Whitaker is the Director of Daisy Chain Day Care, in Shropshire. Originally setup by his mother, a primary school teacher, in 1989, it has grown from one nursery employing a handful of staff to four preschool nurseries with 72 staff looking after the needs of up to two hundred children a day.

Times have changed, though. The current economic climate has left some parents seeking alternative family and friends based child care solutions and every penny counts.

Simon remembers how Auditel first came to his attention. “My accountants recommended I give Auditel a try in 2010. It was actually just as well, because if they had come to me direct I would probably have dismissed the idea. But I respect their judgement and I thought I might as well give it a go. At worst I would be wasting just an hour or two.”

When Simon met Auditel Consultant Neil Crook, he was impressed by the Auditel approach and initially engaged him to analyse Daisy Chain’s costs for energy and broadband.

Auditel’s analysis delivered savings of 35% on electricity, 10% on gas and a massive 64% on telecoms. As a delighted Simon joked, “If my calls were any cheaper you would be paying me!”

On a more serious note he adds, “The results speak for themselves and the savings are very welcome, but there are other benefits. Auditel have become a trusted outsourced member of my management team. Their involvement saves me so much time and they go the extra mile when necessary.” Simon recalls, “We had a problem with the new broadband and Neil took it almost personally, not letting up until he was satisfied that the new supplier had sorted it out for us.”

Ongoing and planned projects

Auditel are currently looking into Daisy Chain’s merchant card service provider and will then turn their attention to the insurance costs.

He concludes, “I’m very grateful to my accountants, DRE & Co, for the introduction to Auditel.”