Auditel’s focus & experience

is a recipe for success at CSET

CSET’s Head of Finance, Meng Kwok, and Head of Operations and Compliance, Richard Blight, first met Auditel Consultant Mike Keig at a Castle Partnership networking meeting.

CSET was established as a Multi-Academy Trust in 2013, when The Castle School became an Academy. The Trust aims to provide quality education in a caring environment and its mission is to create a robust collaboration of schools that provide strong, dynamic and sustainable school leadership, excellent professional learning for staff and a high quality, whole education for children and young people with opportunities, experiences and excellent outcomes that no school can achieve alone.

Meng explains, “We met Mike through our Premium Partners Networking meetings. Mike is a partner, and the objective of the group is  to form stronger links between education and business for the benefit of our students.

“We had a lot of work to do at the time,  integrating the seven schools into the CSET multi Academy Trust. We saw the focus and experience of Auditel as a great asset to run each step of the project, leaving us time to focus elsewhere.”

From small acorns…

Initially, some small internal projects were discussed with the main secondary school (The Castle School, Thornbury). Tendering paper costs, for example, which led to better pricing from the incumbent supplier – 12% on copier paper alone – and working with them, Auditel secured better core pricing across the entire range of paper ordered. One project led to another and Auditel were then asked to review the Catering contract. This was a large project covering all seven CSET schools, and so, drawing on Auditel’s wealth of knowledge and experience, Mike enlisted the help of Auditel Consultant Claire Power-Browne, who had run large tenders for schools in the past.

Positive outcomes

Auditel’s management of this project has delivered outstanding results.

  • Massively improved quality of food in all schools
  • Dramatic reduction of queuing time for students by introducing more delivery points
  • Projected savings delivered of £70k per annum

Meng and Richard are absolutely delighted. “Mike Keig and Claire Power-Browne have undertaken a full catering tender exercise which will significantly improve the quality and delivery of the food at all schools and will save the Trust £70k per year for the next 3 years.”

Further projects

Meng Kwok adds, “As a result of the first extremely successful project, Auditel are now embarking on a Cleaning tender to cover all seven schools within CSET. This project will be both particularly challenging and appreciated as a number of schools don’t even have an existing specification to work from.”

Auditel’s Mike Keig comments, “With regard to the Cleaning project we are currently working on, once completed CSET will have one electronic specification that they will be able to adapt and update for years to come.”