Our Clients: Croydon Churches Housing Association

Croydon Churches Housing Association

Croydon Churches Housing Association (CCHA) own nearly 1400 properties in three London boroughs. They maintain a close relationship with their residents and have recently won an award for best customer service in Croydon. Their commitment is to provide homes that people want to live in and through emerging partnerships with other associations the number of homes that they provide is growing year on year.

Case Study:

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Croydon Churches Housing Association

Left to right: Ioan Cornwall, Auditel Consultant:Ali McGibbon, Corporate Services Manager and Angela Simpson, Head of Corporate Services

Auditel Consultant, Ioan Cornwall met Angela Simpson, Head of Corporate Services, in April 2007. Every penny counts and Angela was keen to reduce operational costs for the benefit of their residents.

CCHA were attracted to Auditel because of the contingency fee approach which meant no up front payments and a self-funding performance driven service. They initially asked Ioan to look at communications, energy, stationery and janitorial expenditure.

At this time, CCHA’s electricity was under contract until April 2008. So to begin with Auditel focused on their communications expenditure. After conducting careful analysis and a review of their requirements, they recommended a change in the charities landline provider saving CCHA £14,442 yearly.

During this review it was discovered that CCHA were receiving over 100 separate bills each quarter. Auditel consolidated these bills with the new supplier and CCHA now has one monthly bill which saves them considerable administration time and expense every month.

Further investigation into the payphone costs generated additional annual saving of £1,922 with the incumbent supplier. Then by consolidating the mobile phones under a single contract with one supplier they saved a further £13,473 on their yearly expenditure.

“Auditel’s cost saving efforts on behalf of CCHA have been very effective. They have given us excellent advice on sourcing more favourable cost options and the methodical and thorough approach on our expenditure has given us greater clarity. By making simple adjustments in our spending practices and increased monitoring across our organisation, the savings are increasing.” – Angela Simpson, Head of Corporate Services

Auditel revisited CCHA’s electricity expenditure when their contract was due for renewal. Through negotiations with suppliers and by highlighting a number of errors in the incumbent supplier’s quote, savings of £4,171 per year were put in place.

As part of the service, Auditel also provide CCHA with regular reports to give them a greater understanding of how they are spending their money and whether any procedural changes are necessary.

Head of Finance, Rui Domingues, is delighted with Auditel’s work so far and keen to have further cost areas at CCHA reviewed.

Savings Achieved:

£4,171 Electricity (6% Savings)

£14,442 Telecoms (31% Savings)

£1,922 Payphone Rental (49% Savings)

£13,473 Mobile (66% Savings)

Total Savings to date: £34,008

Download a PDF copy of the case study.