Auditel and Croydon Churches Housing Association

Croydon Churches Housing Association (CCHA) own over 1,300 homes in three London boroughs. CCHA are truly committed to delivering first class service to their residents and communities, while managing a development programme of the highest quality.

Auditel Consultant, Ioan Cornwall, met Croydon Churches Housing Association Director of Corporate Services. Every penny counts and Angela was keen to reduce operational costs for the benefit of the residents.

CCHA were attracted to Auditel because of the contingency fee approach which meant no upfront payments and a self-funding performance driven service.

Auditel initially focused on the telecommunication expenditure. After conducting a detailed analysis of CCHA’s requirements, Auditel recommended a change to their landline provider savings CCHA

£14,442 (31%) yearly. During this review Ioan also found that CCHA were receiving over 100 separate bills each quarter. By consolidating these bills with the new supplier, CCHA now has one monthly bill which saves them considerable administration time and expense.

Further investigations into the payphone cost generated annual savings of £1,922 (49%) with the incumbent supplier. Then by consolidating the mobile phones under a single contract with one supplier, Auditel helped CCHA save a further £13,472 (66%) annually.

Delighted with Auditel’s work, CCHA asked Auditel to review a number of other cost areas. Savings of 43% were achieved on the stationery supplies without changing supplier. The janitorial supply costs were cut be 39% by consolidating the supplies with one supplier.

CCHA’s bank charges were reduced by 62% with their current bank. When the energy supply contracts came up for renewal, Auditel negotiated improved tariffs and refunds from suppliers for some overcharges. A review of the waste costs resulted in a refund from the supplier of £10,982 and additional cost savings going forward.