Auditel make significant savings and impress Bunzl Ireland with their clear & precise reporting

Bunzl Ireland is a leading specialist distribution Group supplying a broad range of non-food consumable products. Their four Irish divisions provide a range of cleaning, hospitality, non-food consumable and safety products.

Bunzl had already been part of Auditel Consultant Declan Quinn’s personal network. He had done business with them in his previous life before joining Auditel.

Richard Kelly, Bunzl Ireland’s Finance Director, had no hesitation in calling him in, knowing that with Auditel’s offering, he would add on-going value and save time in certain areas of business expenditure which had been receiving little, or only sporadic, attention.

In the first instance, Declan was engaged to benchmark utilities with the market and spot savings opportunities going foreward. They also wanted him to keep his finger on the pulse of the utilities market and provide ongoing support with regular reports and recommendations.

Utilities and Telecoms

As well as keeping an eye on the utilities market, Declan was able to deliver welcome savings of 13% on Electricity and 7% on Gas.

Expansion plans

With Bunzl Ireland expanding and adding a new site in Fonthill, Declan was instrumental in managing the setting up of the utilities.

He was then asked to look into the year 2 electrical contract which had been implemented incorrectly by the utility company. Protracted negotiations followed between the utility company and Auditel and eventually, after six months, led to the utility company issuing a large credit to Bunzl based on the work Auditel had done.

Print & Stationery

Declan then turned his attention to Print & Stationery and, with the expert help of a colleague in the Auditel network has delivered significant annual savings of 49%


Bunzl Ireland particularly appreciate the way Auditel put together clear and precise monthly reporting. Richard comments, “The reports and review meetings are very useful in terms of highlighting aberrant purchasing where we may have been paying full list price for items not ‘on contract’.”