Auditel’s advice, implementation and ongoing management streamlines procurement at Brook

As a charity and a commissioned provider of sexual health services, Brook has a duty to make sure its purchasing is as cost-effective as possible.

Brook is the country’s largest young people’s sexual health charity. For 50 years, it has been providing sexual health services, support and advice to young people under the age of 25.

With 17 centres across the UK, Brook had recently formed a Group structure and was keen to benefit fully from centralising services. Sally Hutchings, Head of Business Support says, “We engaged with Auditel in order to provide the additional expertise and capacity we required to successfully achieve our procurement efficiency targets.”

Office supplies

Initially, Auditel was asked to review Brook’s office supplies and commercial printing and set about the task of collating and analysing all its invoices. At that time Brook was using 18 different suppliers in its different centres, so there was a huge amount of data to sift through.

However, the hard work paid off and, having tendered to the market, all the Brook centres were gradually moved to a single office supplies company, leading to savings of 31% or £13,000 per annum.

It’s not just about the savings

Gillian Gibbon of Auditel says, “It took a number of months of hard work to implement fully with each centre and to ensure that good relationships and ordering procedures were in place to maximise savings. Even now, we work hard each month identifying where savings could be improved upon by checking each and every item ordered and ensuring that it has a negotiated contract price and, if not, that a contract price is arranged with the supplier.”

“Items that may have been ordered ‘off the contract list’ are highlighted to ensure Brook staff know that there is a more cost effective item available to them. By focusing on implementation and ongoing management, savings get better each month, proving that monthly proactive management is essential to achieve good results for the client.”

Energy Procurement Strategy

The Auditel team then turned their attention to Brook’s procurement of electricity and gas. With the large number of historic contract arrangements in place, Auditel proposed the development of an Energy Procurement Strategy to enable Brook to benefit from consolidated purchasing and administration.

This has delivered energy savings of 23% (£21,000 pa) on electricity and 29% (£10,000 pa) on gas. Auditel continues to monitor all meters and does all monthly management and bill validation, leaving Brook to focus on its core skills, delivering excellent services for young people.