Our Clients: Bizerba


BizerbaBizerba is a leading global distribution warehouse of weighing and labelling technology for retailers.

Founded in 1866 the company has approximately 2,600 employees worldwide. Bizerba UK were looking at ways to further improve on their already high environmental standards and to save money in their Milton Keynes based UK offices.

Case Study:

Bizerba Download a PDF copy of the case study.


A referral from a trusted and reliable source recommended Auditel, believing them to be the best people to provide an independent assessment of Bizerba UK’s needs, procure the best possible technology and project manage its implementation.

The background

Bizerba’s electricity and gas supply contracts were already being ably managed internally by their proactive Financial Director, Mark Glenister. Their distribution facility had been refitted only three years previously and already had efficient heating and air conditioning, but the existing lighting was mostly provided by older, less efficient fluorescent tube lighting.

The challenge

Mark is always keen to seek out further improvements and lower Bizerba’s energy costs, improve their environmental credentials and to show a return on investment within three years – a huge challenge for a site refurbished only three years ago!

“Auditel are experts in procurement and their independent advice and focus on getting us the best solution was refreshingly simple. Their expertise in lighting when combined with their trusted supply chain proved invaluable, they even tendered our requirements to 3 lighting suppliers and negotiated the best possible deal on our behalf.” – Mark Glenister, Financial Director

The solution

Firstly, Auditel set about renegotiating electricity and gas supply contracts, then replaced the aging old lighting with more efficient adapters and diffuser kits for modular lights.

Also the number of tubes was reduced where they have modular lights but not in the warehouse where they had 6ft and 8ft tubes we replaced 1-for-1.

Working with a government subsidies specialist, Capital Allowances, Auditel were also able to reduce the relamping costs.

The benefits

  • The new energy-efficient T5 tubes can last three times as long as the older ones.
  • Due to ClickSave adapters featuring bright reflectors the number of tubes was reduced
  • The new diffuser kits provide much better light, reducing shadows and glare.*
  • They are much cheaper than LED tubes

The result

An impressive overall energy cost saving of over 59% and projected payback within 3 years.

Savings Breakdown:

Energy £2,971.80pa
Savings over 3 years £14,859

Bizerba Download a PDF copy of the case study.

* Energy at Work Ltd were chosen as the supplier for this project for their pioneering GreenCat retrofit lighting technology. Even the cheapest LED panel can’t beat the cost versus light-output of GreenCat and it uses about the same energy!