Our Clients: Bifold Fluidpower Ltd

Bifold Fluidpower Ltd

Bifold Fluidpower LtdBifold Fluidpower Ltd are leaders in the design and manufacture of hydraulic and pneumatic stainless steel directional control valves and accessories for hazardous, corrosive and subsea environments.

Within the Bifold Group, Marshalsea Hydraulics, is a leading designer and manufacturer of high quality pumps and valves, and provides a range of stainless steel pressure intensifiers for subsea and topside applications.

Bifold Orange instruments has great expertise in electronic control and valve positioning for the valve and pump sectors, for use in hazardous areas in the worldwide upstream and downstream oil and gas industries. Together with Bifold Fluidpower they deliver complete systems for a wide range of industries and market sectors.

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Bifold Fluidpower Ltd

In 2006, Bifold Finance Director, Andrew Revans, met with Auditel Cost Management Specialists, Mike Andrews and Paul Taylor, following an introduction by Barclays Ventures. Andrew says, ‘We were looking to grow the business and engaged Auditel as a resource to help us reduce costs.’

Outstanding results

‘The results Mike and Auditel colleague Paul Taylor have achieved speak for themselves: savings every year on electricity and gas supplies. Savings on telecoms, mobile fleet, vending machines and latterly on the surface water charges at our new site.’

“As a fast growing company over the past 10 years, we have been able to focus on growth whilst Auditel’s holistic approach has enabled us to achieve significant savings in a broad range of areas with a minimum amount of effort for me and our team” – Andrew Revans, Finance Director Bifold

The savings achieved

Initially, Auditel had impressed with a 16.7% improvement on an already competitive renewal offer received from a local broker for their electricity supply. Savings on gas of 20.8% soon followed, despite the need for built-in flexibility to mirror Bifold’s fluctuating consumption needs. The following year they returned a saving of 20.9% on mobiles – with the incumbent supplier and made further savings for Bifold on roaming costs when staff went overseas. The fixed telephone costs were also analysed and moved away from the imcumbent supplier with the benefit of almost halving the costs.

Proactive service

In 2014 Bifold moved to new premises. Paul and Mike, seeing an opportunity, completed a full area survey. First they contested the water charges, achieving a 47% reduction in charges backdated to the start of the year. Next came the electricity capacity level, which was set too high and they obtained a 50% reduction for Bifold. Paul and Mike have also made savings in Stationary, Vending machines, and Couriers and reviewed other categories such as waste and rates


Auditel have identified and managed savings opportunities, and provided invaluable support over a wide range of business areas to the Bifold Team for over 10 years.

Bifold Fluidpower Ltd Download a PDF copy of the case study.