Our Clients: BEN


Founded in 1905, BEN is a charitable organisation offering financial, emotional and practical help to more than 15,000 men, women and children connected with the automotive sector. Their five residential centres across the UK provide individual care, tailored to their beneficiaries’ needs.

Case Study:

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BENLeft to right: Derek Lowe, Financial Controller at BEN and Chris Gordon, Auditel Consultant.

Being a charity BEN relies on donations, sponsorship and volunteers to provide their services. For this reason, it is essential that their funding is spent wisely.

This was particularly important three years ago when the organisation underwent some financial challenges meaning they needed to reduce costs across the board.

It was at this time that Auditel consultant Chris Gordon contacted Brian Cottrell, the Financial Director at BEN. As it isn’t economically viable for the charity to have a specific buying department, using the services of an outsourced cost and purchase management expert was a cost effective way of ensuring that the charity wasn’t paying more than they should for their business costs. What’s more Auditel’s no-win no-fee approach meant that BEN didn’t need to pay any up front consultancy fees, so any savings made could be
re-used elsewhere in the organisation. The added management resource would also free up time for the person who was to become Chris’ main contact, BEN’s Financial Controller, Derek Lowe.

“ So far Auditel have found us substantial savings totalling £47,800. These extra funds will make a real difference to the people we help. Having worked with Chris for three years now, I have every confidence in the Auditel service and look forward to even more savings in the future.” – Derek Lowe, Financial Controller at BEN

Initially, Derek asked Chris to concentrate on electricity, gas and office consumable expenditure across their five residential centres. Chris began his review of BEN’s electricity with a careful audit of their usage, followed by a tender to potential suppliers. This was not a simple process, considering each of the centres had different incumbent suppliers. Also one site had not received electricity bills for over two years and the supplier had just proposed a large bill for the outstanding sum. Chris’ review led to yearly savings of £8,000 for non-half hourly usage and £4500 for half-hourly usage. Chris also negotiated an impressive rebate of £24,000 for overcharges on the outstanding electricity bill.

Following the electricity audit, Chris switched his attention to gas and expenditure on stationery and office consumables. By conducting a tender for the
gas supply, Chris found total savings of £5,000. To assess the expenditure on stationery and office consumables he joined forces with one of Auditel’s third party experts and together they realised overall savings of £6,300.

The work Chris has conducted on behalf of BEN means that, to date, he has saved the charity £47,800. These savings have been put to good use, bringing real benefit to the people BEN look after, particularly the residents of their care homes where these extra funds have been used to ensure the highest possible standards. BEN is so pleased with the results Auditel have achieved that Derek has asked Chris to look after their Waste Management, Insurance and Agency Staffing Costs. This means the charity and its beneficiaries will enjoy even more additional funds to help them meet the aim of their organsiation.

Savings Achieved Per Annum:

Non-half hourly Electricity – 16% Saving
Half hourly Electricity – 8.5% Saving
Gas – 5% Saving
Stationery and Office Consumables – 31% Saving
Electricity Rebate – 39% Saving

Total Savings to date: £47,800

Download a PDF copy of the case study.