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Balby Carr

Balby CarrBalby Carr is a Community Sports and Science College for 11-18 year-olds serving the districts of Balby and Hexthorpe in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

The school currently has 1300 Students, including over 300 in the Sixth Form.

It was redesignated as a Specialist Sports and Science College in November 2007 and is home to several sporting Academies, including Football, Boxing, Golf, Coaching and Teaching, BMX and Rugby League.

A new Sixth Form Centre for Sixth Form and Academy of Sport students houses an internet cafe and state of the art media studio and their sports facilities are first rate.

Case Study:

Balby Carr Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Lorraine Burton, Business Manager at Balby Carr Community Sports and Science College first came across Auditel following a referral from a colleague who had previous knowledge of their service.

Why Balby Carr appointed Auditel

Lorraine explains: ‘What really appealed to me was the breadth of cost areas they cover. My role is to support the smooth running of the school and to do this I wear a number of different hats: HR, Finance, H&S, Cleaning, Catering and Building Maintenance, to name but a few!

“The benefit of using Auditel is that they bring a fresh, independent view to the projects they are looking at. This means that they can spot improvements in the way we do things as well as managing the costs, either themselves or through their network of specialist advisors.
It’s great to work with an organisation that cares about what I want and clearly works on my behalf. I was forever having sales people trying to sell me what they wanted rather than what I wanted, so having someone else sort that out for me is a real help.”
– Lorraine Burton, Balby Carr

‘Auditel provide a support service to me where they understand my requirements for a particular area, say telecoms, carry out a detailed analysis to understand the suppliers, costs and service levels before finding the best value supplier to meet those ongoing requirements. Then they carry on checking that the supplier is delivering what they have agreed at the price they have agreed. That means I can focus my time and energy on the priorities of the day, safe in the knowledge that Auditel are working on my behalf. Effectively they have become another member of my team.’

Cost areas investigated

Auditel have carried out a number of projects for Lorraine at Balby Carr: Insurance, Catering, Cleaning, Telecoms, School Messaging System and have just started a review of all of the schools printing requirements.

The results

Auditel’s analysis of the College’s catering delivered improvements in process, merchandising and staffing, whilst the Cleaning audit has led to improved standards and processes.

Significant savings of 39% were achieved for the College’s Telecoms and 28% was saved on the School Messaging System.

Balby Carr Download a PDF copy of the case study.