Auditel deliver AWEBB members savings and piece of mind that they are achieving Best Value

Auditel is delighted to be AWEBB’s official  Procurement Partner. Via their Indirect Buying Framework, they are helping members to ensure that they are getting the very best value for money for their operating costs, so they can maximise their profitability. 

No strangers to effective buying, AWEBB is an independent negotiation body providing members with buying power by using its collective strength of over 200 branches across the UK and Ireland, this helps negotiate the best possible deals. The close relationships they value with their partners also ensures that AWEBB members remain at the forefront of new and emerging technologies, enabling the members to be quick off the mark when new products are brought to market.

Mark Carter, General Manager at Electracentre Distribution and AWEBB board member comments: “We were an early adopter of the buying framework that Paul Millican and the Auditel team put in place for AWEBB members. My view was that there was nothing to lose and everything to gain. The worse case scenario, we would get independent validation that we had a good supplier in place at a competitive price. Alternatively, the best-case scenario, Auditel would identify opportunities to save money and help me put that back on my bottom line. That decision to engage Auditel has been brilliant for the business. I have been blown away with the savings we have achieved and the speed and ease at which they have been delivered. However, a pleasantly surprising personal impact to me has come with the added benefit of the on boarding and implementation of the new suppliers which the Auditel team have managed seamlessly.

Auditel pick up the costs that you haven’t got time to take care of or that you miss due to chasing your tails with running the business. They now proactively make me aware of the opportunities for savings like contract renewals that are coming up within our operating costs and then show me what we need to do to access preferential rates in a timely manner. As a business, we are always working to tight margins to be competitive when winning new contract. However, our bottom-line profit is now getting a boost from these permanent monthly savings and this is further compounded with every new cost area that the Auditel team identifies and replaces with better value deals.  As a small team, it is impossible to have knowledge on which suppliers are offering the most competitive prices across our operating costs, but Auditel do this for 1000s of their clients and we can take advantage of this wealth of knowledge and expertise.


“Auditel are like a cost comparison website but with a human touch.” Simon Corper Energy Electrical

AWEBB member, Energy Electrical have also been able to take advantage of Auditel’s Indirect  Buying Framework.

Simon Corper,  Commercial Director for Energy Electrical Distributors comments, “We are an independent electrical wholesaler and distributor located in Woodley. I’d like to think most business owners or even managers are price-sensitive. I’ve always looked at costs within the business. Sometimes too much! I’m a bit of a penny-pincher so I’ve always been cost-sensitive within the business and looking at ways to save money. I found that post Covid, the need to make back lost revenues has resulted in lack of time and resource to keep abreast of suppliers that can offer best value. It is easy to take your eye off the ball and sometimes become a little bit lapse. I wouldn’t look at things all the time, but I’d review things at least once a year.

It was a no brainer for our business to bring in Auditel  especially as they were recommended, piloted and proven by AWEBB. I probably wouldn’t have researched to find Auditel off my own back. But because AWEBB presented Auditel to the group and Mark Carter from Electracentre was already enjoying the benefits and had high praise for the team at Auditel, it was an easy decision to make. So, I sent a couple of emails to Auditel and they got to work. Some costs have come back very positively with impressive savings but also in other areas they’ve been able to confirm that we’re already on a good rate which was encouraging and gave me great piece of mind.

Auditel have been able to unlock cash from excessive margins we were paying to our suppliers and put it back on our bottom line and back in our control to the benefit of our business. For example, just the money we saved on the card processing, literally now pays for one of our pool cars.  We are currently working with Auditel to put in place a new phone system in readiness for the 2025 ISDN switch off, so they have been able to provide very valuable advice and guidance to ensure our communications system are future proofed and in place with time to spare.

Auditel have been first class. They are like a cost comparison website but with a human touch. I would have no hesitation in recommending Auditel to any organisation and especially to my fellow members in AWEBB. They are now basically my outsourced procurement function and have a vast amount of knowledge and skills not just in finding savings but also in implementing a new supplier if a change is needed.”