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Antrobus AccountantsAntrobus Accountants is a modern Accountancy practice that has grown substantially since 2006, when it was acquired by Mike Kirby. It offers an expanded range of products outside the traditional range of Accountancy practices.

Antrobus has a combined total of 160 years of commercial accountancy experience and takes a pro-active approach towards moving clients’ businesses forward with a comprehensive range of accountancy services that includes advice on business growth and development and assisting clients with business strategies.

Case Study:

Antrobus Accountants Download a PDF copy of the case study.

Antrobus AccountantsLeft to right: Denis Sprague, Auditel Consultant and Mike Kirby, Managing Director, Antrobus Accountants

Mike Kirby, Managing Director of Antrobus Accountants, was already aware of Auditel before being approached by Denis Sprague at a Chamber of Commerce meeting in Petersfield in 2010.

Impressed by Auditel’s no-win, no-fee business costs health check, he felt Antrobus had nothing to lose by engaging Auditel.

“Although I felt that our costs were pretty well under control, I’m time poor as it is and didn’t really want to spend my time working out whether we were getting the best deal on utilities or stationery for example, when I could be working on expanding the business instead!”

“ I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Auditel service to my clients and other businesses.” – Mike Kirby, Managing Director of Antrobus Accountants

Initially Mike engaged Denis to investigate Antrobus’ telecoms and photocopying costs. He had already done some homework on these himself, but was keen to see whether Auditel could improve on the quotes he had received.

“Denis took those quotes and treated them as the benchmark, determined to improve on them. And he has.”

On the fixed line telecoms, Denis managed to deliver a significant saving of 21% and, although at the time of writing the savings on the newly installed photocopiers haven’t yet been completed, he found a further 12% on stationery and IT consumables.

In addition to this, by negotiating new contracts for both electricity and gas he has achieved annual savings of 32% and 25% respectively, as well as a gas rebate of £1,073 he identified following a meter change, which had resulted in Antrobus being charged for gas that they hadn’t used! There then followed impressive savings of 32% on waste and recycling and a massive 67% on washroom services.

Mike Kirby comments, “We are, of course, delighted with the savings Auditel have made for us. We are also especially impressed with the way Denis follows up. In contrast to some cost management companies, Auditel doesn’t simply make cuts and walk away. Denis has followed up, checking every invoice with meticulous attention to detail, making sure that suppliers are delivering as promised. If I have any queries, I just pass them on to him in the knowledge that any anomalies will be sorted out quickly and efficiently.”

Further investigations are ongoing for Merchant Cards and Direct Debit, PABX and Water and Sewerage costs.

Savings Achieved:

Fixed Line Telecoms – 21% Saving
Stationery & IT Consumables – 12% Saving
Washroom Services – 67% Saving
Waste & Recycling – 32% Saving
Electricity – 32% Saving
Gas – 25% Saving
Plus Rebate of £1,073

Current Projects:
Merchant Cards & Direct Debit
PABX Support
Water & Sewerage

Antrobus Accountants Download a PDF copy of the case study.