Auditel provide the perfect cost management recipe for kitchen company Anglia Factors

In 2002, Managing Director Dan Barr, was painfully aware that he probably wasn’t getting the best possible deals on utilities and telecoms for Anglia Factors, but was simply too busy to investigate them properly himself.

However, he was keen to find an independent cost management company that could do the work for him and following a referral from a local marketing contact, he engaged Auditel.

He was particularly keen to make sure that, in the highly competitive kitchen market, his profits weren’t being eroded unnecessarily by tariffs and services that were a poor match for Anglia Factors operational needs.

Business premises

Anglia Factors had two separate business premises. The main site was their showroom, office and production location. The other, smaller, site was for further production and storage of materials (and was closed in 2013 when the main site was extended).


Using their in-depth knowledge of the supplier market, Auditel were able to make significant savings on both gas and electricity, the latter being on non half-hourly meters at both premises. Since then they have continued to provide ongoing management, regular tendering and invoice verification to ensure competitive and appropriate contracts remain in place. Dan is delighted with the savings delivered by Auditel of 32.7% and 18.64% per annum on electricity and gas respectively.

Fixed line

Despite having a combination of BT and a carrier offering a reduction on call traffic, Auditel were able, after analysing the call profile, to negotiate an improved tariff from the same supplier resulting in an 8.5% saving. Subsequent reviews in 2006 and again in 2007 resulted in further reductions on overall costs.

In 2011 the current calling profile which had evolved over the years to include many more fixed charge calls to Anglia Factors customers’ mobiles, was analysed once more. As a result a new supplier was installed resulting in a saving of 37.5%.

In 2013, when the smaller of the two premises was closed down, Auditel arranged the seamless transfer of the telephone number to the main showroom. Reviews of the latest call spend profile and options in 2014 have led to a further reduction of 25.5%, on top of the savings already in place.


In 2005, following detailed analysis, Auditel moved Anglia Factors to a new contract saving 40% and in 2007 identified similar savings with another new contract. In 2009 a further review recommended transferring the account to a different provider, via a trusted dealer, on a 24 month term which resulted in 62% savings and specific improved handsets for all users.