Auditel’s innovative approach sways the doubters and adds value to Advanta’s services

Auditel’s Gail Clark first approached Advanta and was met with a mixed reception. Her cost management proposal and the Auditel Partnership Programme looked good on paper and Managing Director Malcolm Toghill was keen to see whether the Auditel service could be added to Advanta’s portfolio. However, his Financial Director, who had previous experience with other cost cutting outfits, was dubious.

Malcolm explains, “We decided to try the Auditel service out on ourselves. The potential value to us was obvious. It sounded like something our clients would be interested in and would give us a great marketing tool, but we decided to ask Gail to look at our costs first and, if satisfied with the whole process, only then would we offer it to our clients.”

“My Financial Director had a slightly jaundiced view of cost management companies before he encountered Auditel, but he has since been won over completely by the results Auditel have achieved.”

Advanta offers general accountancy, audit and tax skills, as well as specialist management skills and advice on how to improve and develop your business.

Gail, with the help of fellow Auditel consultant, Denis Sprague, were asked to review Advanta’s spend on utilities, telecoms, stationery, insurance and waste.

Advanta’s business premises are relatively small and their expenditure not massive, but as a test case the results were highly significant.

The actual savings for Advanta amounted to a little over £3000, but as a percentage of their existing spend this translates into impressive savings of 36% on telecoms, 30% on stationery, 25% on electricity, 14% on insurance and 9% on waste.

Advanta recognised the significance of these figures. As a percentage of the larger spend of some of their bigger corporate clients this level of savings would represent a meaningful effect on their business costs.

Malcolm continues, “We will now be launching this service for our clients and using it as a marketing tool to attract prospects.”

“But it’s not just the savings that have impressed me. Auditel have saved me so much time, which is really important, allowing me to get on with my real work. They just took the books and got on with it.”

Advanta are now looking forward to working with Gail, by adding the Auditel service to their portfolio as part of the Auditel Partnership Programme.